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Occupy Philly Daily Happenings

Nov 22, 2012, 11:56:50 PM11/22/12
8:00am  Philly Black Friday Walmart Action - Walmart - South Philly - 1675 S Columbus Blvd
12:00pm  Bubbas and Zaydas for Peace in the Middle East - 19th & JFK
3:00pm  Black Friday Clothing Swap - Wooden Shoe Books - 704 South Street

Friday November 23rd, 8am - Walmart Action - South Philly - 1675 S Columbus Blvd - Get ready. This Friday, on the busiest retail shopping day of the year, Walmart workers throughout the country will risk their jobs and walk out on the job. These folks are about to make labor history. Don't miss this moment: come out and stand in solidarity with these brave folks. Walmart needs to know: America stands beside these workers. TGIBF, folks--get ready for Black Friday

Friday November 23, 3pm – Black Friday Clothing Swap - Wooden Shoe Books - 704 South Street - An Anti-Capitalist alternative to the usual Black Friday nonsense. Bring your clean, gently worn clothing you're looking to get rid of. Anything left behind will be brought to AIDS Thrift or the Really, Really Free Market at LAVA the following day.

Local occupy activists are working with Occupy Sandy relief and can use all available hands on deck or other organizational resources available. There is an event page on Facebook were you can find more information: Even if you are unable to attend this weekend, you can still make a huge impact by spreading the word about this event to family and friends. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with event pages, Facebook makes it very easy to share. On the top right hand corner of the page (link above) there is a box that says 'invite friends.' Click on that, and an addition page will pop up with a list of all your friends. You can pick and choose who to invite and then click send. Considering it is 'Thanksgiving' weekend, we have the opportunity to get more people involved. The need is great and any amount of time or energy spent on helping with relief efforts is time well spent- and quite rewarding.  Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 24, Noon - 5pm. Welcome to LOCKHEED-VILLE where the profits of war matter,and people don't. Shanty-town encampment...Vigil for Justice at Lockheed Martin 230 Mall Boulevard (corner of Mall & Goddard Blvds.), King of Prussia, PA Just behind the King of Prussia Mall.  Bring your tent (if you can) and umbrella in the event of rain Brandywine Peace Community, P.O. Box 81, Swarthmore, PA 19081 (610) 544-1818

PFF/Occupy Vacant Lots Potluck & Strategy Sharing, this Sunday, 11/25. Start time at 11:30, but people will be rolling through all afternoon, just as our workparties run, & a point person will be taking notes at all times. We're trying to figure out our flow, since we usually don't have meetings & many of our volunteers don't seem to like rigid start times. *Bring:* warm clothes (the space is unheated), food to share, reusable dishes for yourself to eat with, water, notebook/paper, pen, brain, friends, & smiles. At our first planning meeting on 11/11, everyone who showed up was able to talk about their plans, hopes, dreams, projects, & ideas for our future & improvements we need to make. We want to start synthesizing these things into tangible tasks ASAP to get a head start on 2013, & we think that coming to consensus on breaking down into smaller groups by overarching tasks (Garden planning, Outreach, Art, Media, Legal, Finance, Construction, Point people, City liaisons, etc. as possible examples) will make things run more smoothly & be less taxing on all of us beautiful volunteers. This meeting space is large with many places for smaller groups to break-out & discuss/plan awesome things. Please join us any time at or after 11:30am to jump in & give your ideas, or just listen to get involved in the future. Contact for more information. Philly Food Forests & Occupy Vacant Lots <>PFF Donation Wishlist <>

Thursday November 29th, 7pm - Wooden Shoe Books - 704 South St - Practice What You Teach: Social Justice Education in the Classroom and the Streets with author Bree Picower. Many teachers enter the profession with a desire to "make a difference." But given who most teachers are, where they come from, and what pressure they feel to comply with existing school policies, how can they take up this charge? Practice What You Teach follows three different groups of educators to explore the challenges of developing and supporting teachers’ sense of social justice and activism at various stages of their careers: White pre-service teachers typically enrolled in most teacher education programs, a group of new teachers attempting to integrate social justice into their teaching, and experienced educators who see their teaching and activism as inextricably linked. Teacher educator Bree Picower delves into each of these group’s triumphs and challenges, providing strategies and suggestions for all teachers along with her in-depth analysis. By understanding all these challenges, pre-service and in-service teachers, along with teacher educators, will be in a better position to develop the kind of political analysis that lays the foundation for teacher activism. This timely resource helps prepare and support all educators to stand up for equity and justice both inside and outside of the classroom and offers a more nuanced portrait of what the struggle to truly "make a difference" looks like.

Friday November 30th, 7pm - Wooden Shoe Books - 704 South St - Nine-tenths of the Law: Nine-tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States With author Hannah Dobbz Nine-Tenths of the Law examines the history of squatting and property struggles in the United States, from colonialism and homesteading to 20th-century urban squatting and the foreclosure crisis of the late 2000s, and how such resistance movements shape the law. How does "property" fit into designs for an equitable society? This book is a toolbox for housing justice, as well as a guide for better understanding the foundation of American property law and the legacy of squatters who came before. Author Bio:Hannah Dobbz is a writer, editor, filmmaker, and former squatter. From 2004 and 2007, she filmed a documentary about squatters in the San Francisco East Bay called Shelter: A Squatumentary. She has toured extensively with the film, lecturing at conferences, universities, and community spaces across the country. She has written numerous articles about squatting and property law. Currently, Hannah lives in Pittsburgh, where she has grown quite fond of power tools.

Events listed here include Occupy Philly related events as well as other social justice events. For more updates be sure to check the Occupy Philadelphia Facebook page at Your support is greatly appreciated!

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