Earth Action Campaign Meeting - Agenda for 4/17/17

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Apr 16, 2017, 10:37:44 PM4/16/17
to OSC Earth Action Campaign, OSC GMO Campaign
Occupy Sonoma County
OSC Earth Action Campaign Meeting - Agenda for 4/17/17 - 7pm-9pm
Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County
467 Sebastopol Avenue, Santa Rosa 95401 map
  • 7:00-7:15 pm - gather or phone-in (641-715-3580, PIN: 933092#. Note: OSC will reimburse you for phone charges)
  • 7:15 pm - meeting start
  • 9:00 pm - meeting end
  • Fallback Facilitator/Convener: Steve
  • Pre-assigned notetaker: Eve or Carol
  • Allocate other meeting duties (timekeeper, vibeswatcher)
    Note: if you have not facilitated recently, please consider facilitating with our support
  • Brief personal check-ins (3 minutes each)
Note: the order of the next two items can be swapped per facilitator preference or group consensus.

  • What have you been working on?
  • Other tasks you agreed to do at the last meeting
  • Summary of Previous Meetings (Monthly Meeting, Media & Publicity)
  • Environment in the news (GMOs, climate change, etc.)
  • Review agenda
  • Decide agenda order and what to include
  • Set times for each topic & set a time to start the agenda

(note: email if you want to add an item)

Quick - Taqueria Letter (Carol)
  • Status. If not finished, group will work on letter at PJC on 4/23

Quick - Earth Action Promotion (Emerald)
  • Updates

Quick - Earth Day tabling - April 22
  • Any outstanding issues?

MAM Event - Sunú movie screening (Rebel/Steve)
Date/Time/Venue: Thu, May 18 at 7 pm. Arlene Francis Center
  • Review final plans

Tipping Point Campaign
  • Tabled from last two EA meetings

Evaluation of March Climate Change Teach-in

July Event: Climate Activists Summit
  • Planning (description, outreach to groups, flyer, event details, potluck?)

Plastic Free Month
  • How to promote and participate

 It would take 5% of US consumers asking for GMO-free to be the tipping point.
Monsanto's stock is declining. A clear sign of this occurred when the president of Whole Foods confessed that when a product becomes verified as Non-GMO or GMO-free, sales leap by 15-30 percent. Of all the categories of health and wellness claims, such as “gluten-free,” etc, “GMO-free” products have the most rapid growth in sales.

We can win this! Together we can stop GMOs.

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