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Dec 10, 2013, 11:51:34 PM12/10/13
Please, please take two minutes and follow the link to the Montana Department of Transportation

and ask that they not grant a special permit for the projected 900,000 pound Omega Morgan
Mega Load bound for the Alberta Tar Sands. This load is a third heavier than any load that has previously passed through Montana. The state of Idaho has refused to grant permits for use of roads in the northern part of their state. WE CAN STOP THIS if we work together.

Margarita McLarty
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Date: Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 5:03 PM
Subject: ALERT: "Megaload" on Way to Montana

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Urgent: Contact the Montana Department of Transportation!

Tar Sands "Megaload" on its Way to Montana

A 900,000 pound megaload has just passed through Pendleton, Oregon and is headed for Montana. The massive load’s final destination is the tar sands in northern Alberta. The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has not yet issued an oversize load permit to Omega-Morgan to move their load through Montana.

We need you to contact MDT TODAY and tell them not to issue a permit to Omega-Morgan!

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The megaload would enter Montana at Lost Trail Pass on U.S. Highway 93. It would then go through Lolo and Bonner and across the Bitterroot Valley via U.S. Highway 200. Then it will cut up the Rocky Mountain Front to the Canadian border.

The load will end up facilitating the development of the Alberta tar sands—notorious for being “the most environmentally destructive project on earth.” Tar sands extraction has contaminated drinking water, increased cancer rates in nearby communities, and destroyed thousands of acres of boreal forest.

Tar sands also accelerate global climate disruption. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that further development of the tar sands will add 24 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is equivalent to the annual emissions of 7 coal-fired power plants.

The travel route for this load includes many dangerous two-lane highways that become treacherous during snowy and icy conditions. Since the load arrived in the Port of Umatilla, Oregon it has had to travel much slower than expected due to snow and bitter cold. It has taken the load 5 days to go 44 miles!

How Do I Contact MDT?
MDT has an online comment form. Click on the “comment on a project” circle on the left hand side. Indicate you are commenting on the pending Omega-Morgan oversized load permit. You can write comments in the yellow box on the right hand side.

Suggested comments:

  • MDT should not issue a permit to Omega-Morgan to transport the 900,000 pound load moving through Oregon and Idaho.
  • Due to winter conditions and the load’s size, it is not likely to meet Montana’s 10-minute rule required for oversize load transportation permits.
  • Travel delays caused by this oversize load could prevent Montana citizens from accessing critical emergency services.
  • MDT should conduct detailed environmental analysis and allow members of the public to comment before it even considers issuing the permit to Omega-Morgan.

Thanks you for all that you do!

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MEIC is a nonprofit environmental advocate for clean water and a healthy environment for all Montanans. It was founded in 1973 to protect and restore Montana's natural environment.

Visit our website at



Questions: Contact Anne Hedges at
P.O. Box 1184
Helena, MT 59624
Phone: (406) 443-2520
Fax: (406) 443-2507

Joe Newman

Dec 11, 2013, 12:37:34 PM12/11/13
Thank you Margarita, I appreciated knowing about this opportunity.  Where was MEIC I wonder.  

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Dec 11, 2013, 12:46:23 PM12/11/13
Hey Joe,
MEIC is starting to wake up and go to work.  I think there is a small window of opportunity to stop this piece of the madness if we can get enuf people to rattle the MDT - please pass the link on to anyone.
We have to leave Montana for the next month (our kids need some help in California for a while) so I will be outta the loop.  Hoping someone will pick it up and mount a legal challenge.
Meanwhile, stay warm, enjoy Montana's beautiful winter, and thanks so much for taking action.

Joe Newman

Dec 11, 2013, 12:49:07 PM12/11/13
What part of Calif?  I was just down there, my aunt lives in Chico.  
You have a wonderful holiday too

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