STOP the stripping of our property rights, pls call Attorney General Maura Healey

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Below is an action requested by Danny Factor of the Green Rainbow party in Acton. This is in response to Maura Healey's action to support speedy foreclosures. I did some work in this area, and the time to review these foreclosure applications is CRITICAL, because so many of them are illegal. BUT this is NOT just about foreclosure. This is about trying to strip our property rights in general. So please call and ask them to slow this process down so we can get a more thorough review of the impacts of this proposed law.

Terra Friedrichs
+1 978 808 7173

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Subject: [Assabet-discuss] Call the Attorney General Today!
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2016 09:20:09 -0500
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    Dear  Assabet River Valley Chapter-- 

We previously informed you that the Green-Rainbow Party was  joining the 
movement to repeal _Senate  bill number 2015_ 
20160127&n=2)  which curtailed the rights of homeowners to challenge  
illegal foreclosures. As a law, it is now called _Chapter  141 of the Laws of 
e=greenrainbow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=maapl20160127&n=3) .

Along with our partners, we submitted our constitutionally  required 10 
voter petition so that we could begin to  collect signatures to repeal the law. 
ainbow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=maapl20160127&n=4) _However Attorney  
General Maura Healey has now ruled that we do not have a right to  revoke 
the law and can not collect  signatures_ 
apl20160127&n=5) .

We believe that the Attorney  General's reasoning is flawed and that her 
ruling flies in the face of our  rights under _Article  10 _ 
mail&utm_campaign=maapl20160127&n=6) of the Massachusetts Declaration of 
Rights which guarantees all  Massachusetts residents the right to life, 
liberty and property.
The Green-Rainbow Party is joining with other groups in protesting  the 
Attorney General's action.
Please call the Massachusetts Attorney General  today,  Your voter and 
homeowner  constitutional rights are on the line.
Call: Massachusetts Attorney  General: Main Boston Office:  (617) 727-2200 
If that # is busy, call:
New Bedford: (617) 727-2200
Springfield: (413) 784-1240
Worcester: (508) 792-7600

You can use this  script:

"Hello, Attorney General  Healey,
I am a Massachusetts  (voter/homeowner/person who has been at risk or 
subject to foreclosure). I  am deeply worried about the constitutionality of the 
new _Chapter  141_ 
=7)  law.  It strips access to the impartial interpretation  of our rights 
in the courts. It strips constitutional property rights. It  ratifies the 
illegal taking of property from the people of Massachusetts –  to benefit the 
world’s wealthiest corporations. It strips more than half  the wealth from 
communities of color and women head of household. This  wealth loss will take 
generations to repair unless we reverse  it.
Actively represent  me as a Voter. This law guts our Constitution. Make 
certain it is  stopped.
Please  email me updates on each step you take, here is my email address  
your email  address ( ).  Thank you"
Separately, you can also file a Consumer  Complaint with the Attorney 
The link to the actual form is half way down the page, in  purple.

Remember also that as a  political party, when you join us, there is much 
more that the  Green-Rainbow Party can do. When so-called progressives like 
AG Maura  Healey make rulings that help the big banks and exploit average 
people, we  are reminded that we need to grow the Green-Rainbow Party, the only 
 political party in Massachusetts that is not run by corporate  interests. 
One  important action that we urge you to join us in is voting in  the March 
1, 2016 Green-Rainbow Party primary by asking for a  Green-Rainbow ballot 
at your voting location. There will be more  information about the primary in 
forthcoming  emails.
In Solidarity.
David Gerry & Roni  Beal
Co-chairs, Green-Rainbow Party
Green-Rainbow  Party · 232 Highland Ave, Arlington, MA 02476, United States 
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nrainbow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=maapl20160127&n=10) .  
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bow&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=maapl20160127&n=11) ,  software for  
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