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OCC Kolkata ecosystem facilitates nuts and bolts required by startup entrepreneur based out of Kolkata, West Bengal and various other budding entrepreneurs of surrounding region. 
Open Coffee Club Kolkata is unconference platform for entrepreneurs and technopreneurs, offering grass root support to people and functions involved with startups in Kolkata. Casual environment where novices and geeks chit-chat and network. Come, join us and network. 

To send job openings to OCC Kolkata mailing list, please follow as below.

1. Please introduce yourself to the group.
2. Avoid sending job opening mails as CC or BCC to the group.
3. Set "Email delivery" settings to "All Email".
4. Tag your post as [Job].
5. Only 1 job Opening post per week is allowed. 

Points 1,4 would hold you and your post in good face value.
Point 2,3 is governing etiquette within the group.

If above points are not followed, then moderator of this group will invoke rights to change 'Email delivery' and 'Posting permission' settings.

If above points are not followed, then moderator of this group may also ban the poster.

Please note that the upcoming platform, would hold an advertisement section and OCC Kolkata members can post requirements in that section and also receive job openings.