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Oct 27, 2022, 8:24:42 PM10/27/22

Dear Ms. Price and the Orange County Board of Commissioners,  

The availability of high-speed internet on my road is limited to Frontier DSL, a pathetic option yielding speeds of LESS THAN 1 mbps upload and 1-9 mbps download  (I am paying for 12).  I am told that the current plans to make fiber available to the rural areas do NOT include Lipscomb Grove Church Road.    My neighbors and I have been desperate to find a reasonably priced and truly fiber alternative. I am unable to upload photographs and videos of high resolution needed for my photography business, which causes much time and trouble to overcome if at all, and lost revenue. No modern services requiring wireless, such as alarm security systems, and other "Smart" conveniences such as light regulators, are useable. Streaming content can be useless with all the buffering and interruptions. Previous county programs promising more internet options have not materialized. 

I request that you please include Lipscomb Grove Church Road in the imminent expansion of fiber services, as we expect the opportunities that give others advantages.  We pay our taxes and would like to share in the windfall of government money allotted to our county for this purpose.  

Thank you all for your attention and assistance with this situation. 



Susan Reeves 

414 Lipscomb Grove Church Road
Hillsborough NC  27278

Renee Price

Oct 27, 2022, 10:19:10 PM10/27/22

Dear Susan,

Thank you for informing us of your situation.  I am copying Jim Northrup on this reply since he communicates directly with the broadband providers and can investigate restraints and possibilities.

Please know that our goal is to assure broadband and internet to every household and business in Orange County, including yours.



Renee A. Price, Commissioner/Chair
Board of County Commissioners
Orange County, North Carolina

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Todd McGee

Oct 28, 2022, 7:32:55 AM10/28/22
Ms. Reeves,

I will forward your address to the team at Lumos to check if it is in the service area for their project. The county recently contracted with them to bring high-speed Internet to most of the unserved areas in the county.

Todd McGee
Community Relations Director
Orange County, NC

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