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Mac Qa

Mar 25, 2020, 9:30:35 PM3/25/20
to objectivej

I'm not a web developer at all. The closest I've ever come is using Cappuccino to develop one internal site back in 2011. I typically build test automation or simple apps in Objective-C. And I want to hire someone to do a super-simple backend for a website.

I want to throw together an interactive website quick. (Ideally have it live by the end of this weekend.) I know I can put together a UI in Cappuccino. But not being a web developer I have no idea how to create something for the backend to store the data. Here is what I need for backend functionality:

- Submit a record to be stored on server consisting of a title, a URL, a short description, an image, and a date/time (not submission time, but a user entered date/time).
- Submitted records go into a queue of records pending approval (or just stored along with all records with a flag for approved / unapproved).
- Fetch records pending approval. (Ideally authenticated, one single admin, but honestly even if this doesn't have authentication it'd probably be fine. Super low traffic demo site.)
- Ability to promote an unapproved record to approved.
- Ability to delete a record (approved or unapproved).
- Ability to fetch approved records (ideally sorted by the date/time value).
- Bonus: A call to delete all records where the the date/time value has passed (is now in the past), or maybe move these to a separate queue of past / archived records that can be fetched independently from the current approved list.
- This will be low-volume site, and the number of records will be several hundred to at most a few thousand.

So I want to make a little Cappuccino UI for that quick, but I don't want to deal with the back-end aspect of how that stuff gets stored server-side because that server-side aspect of the calls is totally out of the realm of my knowledge. Is anyone here available to hire to make something for the back-end to accomplish this that I can easily call from a Cappuccino web app? I'm open to whatever proposal you have for implementation details for that server-side part, as long as it's not something super specialized or that requires be to buy something extra expensive to host it. (This is for a simple low-volume site.)

Please e-mail me a price quote, a short description of what technologies you want to use to implement, what requirements that would have for hosting, and an estimate of how quickly you could provide this. Terms: payment by PayPal, 50% immediately, 50% on completion.



Martin Carlberg

Mar 26, 2020, 4:46:02 AM3/26/20
to Cappuccino & Objective-J

This should not be that hard to do but I don't have the time right now.

If you don't get any response here you could try out our chat channel at https://gitter.im/cappuccino/cappuccino. There is a lot more activity there.

Happy coding,

- Martin

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David Richardson

Mar 26, 2020, 12:02:00 PM3/26/20
to Cappuccino & Objective-J
Context is important here - what sort of data store? RDBMS, file system, third-party hosted, something else?
All of these can be handled quite simply, but not having any guidance on even a minimal backend configuration isn't a good place to begin.

Perhaps you could provide some simple constraints for the data persistence portion?

Keary Suska

Mar 26, 2020, 12:10:38 PM3/26/20
to objec...@googlegroups.com
I may be able to help, though you are asking the contractor to fill in a lot of blanks. That being said, I have a couple initial questions: 1. What kind of budget are you looking at? and 2. How extensible do you want this project, i.e. between totally hard coded to do exactly what you ask to more flexible means of managing and changing data and features?

Keary Suska
Esoteritech, Inc.
"Demystifying technology for your home or business"

Mac Qa

Mar 26, 2020, 2:23:16 PM3/26/20
to david.ri...@enquora.com, objectivej

Good questions. As I said, I have never dipped my toe into server-side stuff at all. But I would want something fairly portable -- able to be moved between different standard Linux web hosts easily. And don't want to pay for any special fancy hosting requirements. Even though a flat file could probably work for this low traffic & small data site, I'd probably prefer something database driven just so I have a good example to build on if I decide to try to modify later for a site where I would have more data or traffic. So probably something like MySQL or PostgreSQL, or whatever else meets the requirements and is preferred by the implementer. I'm not really that concerned as long as it works, is portable, doesn't have special requirements for hosting.

All that said, I just hired someone. So hopefully they work out, but if they don't or if I need more help then I'll be in touch. Thanks.
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