The open-source RIA blueprint sample application 'CrePetstore' and the book 'Building Rich Internet Applications using

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Jonathan Suh

Nov 19, 2011, 2:10:08 AM11/19/11
to Flex ObjectHandles
My name is Jonathan Suh.

I'm the specialist of Flex and Java development.
I've made open-source RIA blueprint sample application 'CrePetstore'
order to give aid to Flex developers.

The ‘CrePetstore’ sample application is an example of a fairly common
solution in Rich Internet Applications (RIA): it is based on an
server-side application called ‘JPetstore’, which is page-based, then
uses the RIA system for view layers. This approach has the advantage
of a
rich yet stable legacy system, allowing the various features of RIAs
to be
implemented even when the system as a whole cannot or should not be
replaced. Such solutions often involve migration of model and control
layers, and can be achieved with comparatively low resources and

You can see more details and try my sample code, book preview version
on my site

The name of my site 'creApple' is the abbreviation for 'Creative
Application Era'.
I'd like to make other samples and open them to people continuously
based on
your products.

As well, I published the book 'Building Rich Internet Applications
Flex and Java' on Amazon.
This book is divided into ten chapters, which are grouped according to
three concepts – Model, Control and View.

• Getting Started: Learn more about how Rich Internet Applications
came into being, and the developer environment necessary for the
CrePetstore project.
• Spring Fundamentals: Learn about Spring, one of the signature
frameworks for Java web applications, and its principles, structure
and implementation, together with source code.
• Data Service: Learn about the principles and implementation of
HTTPService, Web Service and RemoteObject - the techniques used to
service data from server-side to the Flex client.
• Rich Internet Applications: Learn about the basic principles behind
RIAs, and how Flex and Spring applications can be integrated to
deliver them.
• Cairngorm Framework: Learn about Cairngorm, a Model-View-Control
(MVC) framework used to structure Flex applications. More than just a
framework, however, Cairngorm is generally considered a methodology
and best practice that can help achieve optimal arrangements of Flex
code and components.
• Data Communication: Analogous to the ‘Data Service’ chapter, this
chapter examines how the data services are implemented on the Flex
client side through source code examples.

• Flex Fundamentals: Looking at the sample application, learn the
basic tech­niques behind building Flex application, using either Flex
SDK or Flash Builder.
• Event and Data: Learn about event-based architecture and data
binding, two ways to create more efficient and organized Flex
• User Interface Enhancement: How to use style, skins, chart,
navigation, transition and effect and more to improve Flex user
• Advanced Topics: More advanced techniques such as localization for
multiple languages and mobile platform support using Adobe AIR.

You can refer my book at

I believe and hope that my articles and sample codes are very helpful
Flex developers and those are highly efficient in promotions RIA
concept to
Java developer.

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