What happened to DCI?

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Feb 1, 2022, 7:50:17 AM2/1/22
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Did this idea ever go anywhere beyond this group?

Hai Feng Kao

Feb 16, 2022, 1:31:21 PM2/16/22
to object-composition
There is a Taiwanese blogger who is promoting DCI recently. 
You may find his recent works here

stedea...@gmail.com 在 2022年2月1日 星期二下午8:50:17 [UTC+8] 的信中寫道:

Matthew Browne

Feb 16, 2022, 11:14:35 PM2/16/22
to object-co...@googlegroups.com
It's also worth noting that Jim Coplien did many workshops and consultations with people about DCI over the years, and only a small number of them ever became involved in this group. So there are definitely people using it beyond this group, but there unfortunately isn't much of a DCI community outside of this group (or at least, not a large or single community).

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