OBI release 2018-05-23

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James A. Overton

May 30, 2018, 2:18:35 PM5/30/18
to OBI Developers,
Hi everyone,

A new OBI release is available:

- Versioned OWL file:
- GitHub tag:

This release includes 38 new terms since the 2018-02-12 release, listed below.


OBI:0002457 precision nuclear run-on sequencing assay
OBI:0002458 chromosome conformation capture-on-chip assay
OBI:0002459 genotype phasing by Hi-C assay
OBI:0002460 defined population inclusion criterion
OBI:0002461 BCL format
OBI:0002462 ERCC RNA spike-in
OBI:0002463 SIRV RNA spike-in
OBI:0002464 SRS identifier
OBI:0002465 age since culture seeding measurement datum
OBI:0002466 alignment counting algorithm
OBI:0002467 alignment counting application
OBI:0002468 base calling algorithm
OBI:0002469 base calling application
OBI:0002470 bcl2fastq software application
OBI:0002471 date process started
OBI:0002472 dbGaP study identifier
OBI:0002473 material amplification role
OBI:0002474 material sequencing library preparation role
OBI:0002475 number of PCR cycles during library construction
OBI:0002476 number of rounds of amplification
OBI:0002477 reference genome role
OBI:0002478 reference genome-transcriptome alignment algorithm
OBI:0002479 sequence read length measurement datum
OBI:0002480 sequencing library input quantity measurement datum
OBI:0002481 single-end library
OBI:0002482 specimen harvest quantity
OBI:0002483 spike-in dilution factor
OBI:0002484 star algorithm
OBI:0002485 transcript analysis by single-end sequencing
OBI:0002486 verse algorithm
OBI:0002487 microraft
OBI:0002488 pipette
OBI:0002570 nCounter Mouse miRNA Expression array
OBI:0002571 polyA-selected RNA sequencing assay
OBI:0002572 polyA-depleted RNA sequencing assay
OBI:0002573 polyA depleted RNA extract
OBI:0002574 RNA extraction with polyA depletion
OBI:0002575 isoform sequencing
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