OBI release 2017-09-03

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James A. Overton

Sep 12, 2017, 8:22:54 AM9/12/17
to OBI Developers,
Hi everyone,

A new OBI release is available:

- Versioned OWL file:
- GitHub tag:

This release includes 76 new terms since the 2017-02-22 release. It was built using a new ROBOT-based build system, which means there will be some slight differences in the generated files.


OBI:0002133 owl:Class cytometric bead array assay measuring epitope specific chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 20 production by T cells
OBI:0002134 owl:Class biological activity assay measuring epitope specific chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 20 production by T cells
OBI:0002135 owl:DatatypeProperty has specified value
OBI:0002136 owl:Class RNA Integrity Number calculation
OBI:0002137 owl:Class RNA Integrity Number value specification
OBI:0002138 owl:Class temperature value specification
OBI:0002139 owl:Class volume value specification
OBI:0002140 owl:Class temperature measurement assay
OBI:0002141 owl:Class volume measurement assay
OBI:0002142 owl:Class Nanostring nCounter miRNA expression assay
OBI:0002143 owl:Class bromouride labeling and sequencing after UV exposure
OBI:0002144 owl:Class extrachromosomal circular DNA sequencing assay
OBI:0002145 owl:Class antigen specific antibodies assay
OBI:0002146 owl:Class HIV antibody assay
OBI:0002147 owl:Class HIV group O antibody assay
OBI:0002148 owl:Class surface HBV antibody assay
OBI:0002149 owl:Class core HBV antibody assay
OBI:0002150 owl:Class core HBV IgM antibody assay
OBI:0002151 owl:Class HCV antibody assay
OBI:0002152 owl:Class EBV IgG antibody assay
OBI:0002153 owl:Class EBV IgM antibody assay
OBI:0002154 owl:Class CMV antibody assay
OBI:0002155 owl:Class venereal disease research laboratory test
OBI:0002156 owl:Class rapid plasma reagin test
OBI:0002157 owl:Class HBV surface antigen assay
OBI:0002158 owl:Class HIV-1 nucleic acid testing
OBI:0002159 owl:Class HCV nucleic acid testing
OBI:0002160 owl:Class multiplexed indexed T7 ChIP-seq
OBI:0002543 owl:Class atrial appendage specimen
OBI:0002544 owl:Class esophagogastric junction specimen
OBI:0002545 owl:Class ileum specimen
OBI:0002546 owl:Class liver specimen
OBI:0002547 owl:Class minor salivary gland specimen
OBI:0002548 owl:Class omentum specimen
OBI:0002549 owl:Class ovary specimen
OBI:0002550 owl:Class sigmoid colon specimen
OBI:0002551 owl:Class suprapubic skin specimen
OBI:0002552 owl:Class testis specimen
OBI:0002553 owl:Class uterus specimen
OBI:0002554 owl:Class vagina specimen
OBI:0002555 owl:Class age group inclusion criterion
OBI:0002556 owl:Class minimum age value specification
OBI:0002557 owl:Class maximum age value specification
OBI:0002558 owl:Class use of medication inclusion criterion
OBI:0002559 owl:Class hospital patient inclusion criterion
OBI:0002560 owl:Class family status inclusion criterion
OBI:0002561 owl:Class sex inclusion criterion
OBI:0002562 owl:Class country of residence inclusion criteria
OBI:0002563 owl:Class ethnicity inclusion criterion
OBI:0002564 owl:Class histopathology
OBI:0002161 owl:Class systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment assay
OBI:0002162 owl:Class footprinting assay
OBI:0002163 owl:Class DNAse footprinting assay
OBI:0002164 owl:Class mammalian 2-hybrid assay
OBI:0002165 owl:Class protein localization assay
OBI:0002166 owl:Class tissue-based protein localization assay
OBI:0002167 owl:Class subcellular protein localization assay
OBI:0002168 owl:Class subcellular protein immunohistochemistry assay
OBI:0002169 owl:Class ChIP-qPCR assay
OBI:0002170 owl:Class genomic SELEX
OBI:0002171 owl:Class dot blot assay
OBI:0002172 owl:Class Northwestern blot assay
OBI:0002173 owl:Class Southwestern blot assay
OBI:0002174 owl:Class immunocytochemistry
OBI:0002175 owl:Class ATP bioluminescence assay
OBI:0002176 owl:Class electrophysiology assay
OBI:0002177 owl:Class patch clamp assay
OBI:0002178 owl:Class whole-cell patch clamp assay
OBI:0002179 owl:Class cell-attached patch clamp assay
OBI:0002180 owl:Class inside-out patch clamp assay
OBI:0002181 owl:Class outside-out patch clamp assay
OBI:0002182 owl:Class voltage clamp assay
OBI:0002183 owl:Class two electrode voltage clamp assay
OBI:0002184 owl:Class cut open oocyte voltage clamp assay
OBI:0002185 owl:Class current clamp assay
OBI:0002186 owl:Class electroencephalography
OBI:0002187 owl:Class single-unit recording
OBI:0002188 owl:Class multi-unit recording
OBI:0002189 owl:Class local field potential recording
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