OBI Developer Call 2015-07-20 Cancelled

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James A. Overton

Jul 20, 2015, 10:14:33 AM7/20/15
to, Chris Stoeckert, Jie Zheng, Bjoern Peters, Randi A. Vita, Asiyah Yu Lin, Alan Ruttenberg, Chibucos, Marcus, Sagar Jain,, Hande Küçük McGinty, Stephan Schürer, Richard Scheuermann
Hi everyone,

I’m supposed to chair the OBI development call today but I have to cancel it.

SourceForge went down on Thursday and hasn’t yet been fully restored. In particular, the mailing lists and trackers are still down.

- details:
- updates:

Any site can go down, but this emphasizes our need for a full backup plan.

I’m emailing the OBI users list (on Google Groups, not SourceForge) and everyone that I could think of who has been on a call or mailing list discussion recently. If I've missed anyone, please pass the message along. I’ll be on WebEx for 10 minutes to tell anyone else who shows up that the call is cancelled.


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