RMRC - what are your thoughts for the competition this year?

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Raymond Sheh

Jan 19, 2022, 10:52:45 AM1/19/22
to The Open Academic Robot Kit, raymo...@gmail.com
Hi All!

I hope you, your families, friends, and colleagues, are staying safe and
well during these challenging times!

The RoboCup Federation is surveying all prospective teams to determine
how we will run this year. Some of you may have already received this
through other mailing lists you may be on.

I've pasted the Federation email below. Please respond as soon as you
can (and by the deadlines mentioned below)!

Of course, there is the collision between too early to know what is
likely to happen, and too late to make a decision, but we do ask that
you fill in the survey as best you can with what you know and expect
right now.

Please also reply to this email if you think you may be able to
participate this year if we run RMRC online and/or in person so that, as
a community, we have some idea of what everyone's intentions are. We
also welcome updates as to what you're doing with your robots and if/how
you're able to continue with your activities!


- Raymond


Please share the following RoboCup 2022 Participation Survey (Google
Forms) link with all qualified (if applicable) and regularly
participating teams in your league:


The RoboCup 2022 Bangkok LOC created this survey to investigate the
possible challenges and requirements of event participants. Teams should
complete the survey online by January 31, 2022.

** For teams located in countries without access to Google Forms, please
instruct them to complete the below plain text survey and email it to me
<april....@gmail.com> by January 29, 2022.**

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your help.

Best Regards,


Participation Survey for RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, Thailand

Dear All,

We would hereby invite you to complete the participation survey for
RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, Thailand. This survey aims to explore the
possible challenges and requirements of participants in the event, which
will be held in 11-17 July 2022 at Bangkok, Thailand.

According to the covid-19 pandemic situation, Thailand is gearing up for
a return to normalcy by easing some travel restrictions and quarantine
requirements and allowing normal tourists to enter the country. In
addition, the government has now introduced sandbox programs allowing
fully vaccinated travelers from 63 low-risk countries to enter the
country without quarantine. For more specific information on situation
and arrival requirements, please kindly visit our website on

We appreciate the time you have taken to complete the participation
survey for RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, Thailand. We are hoping and looking
forward to seeing you at the event.

RoboCup 2022 Organizing Team
* Required

Section 1: Team Information
Please fill out the form below for each of your teams.

(1) Team Name*:
(2) Name of Team Representative*:
(3) Lastname of Team Representative *:
(4) Contact E-mail *:
(5) Country *:
(6) Team's Institution *:
(7) The league that the team will complete in (Please fill out one
survey for every league your team will complete in) *:


Section 2: RoboCup Participation

(1) Have your team ever attended a RoboCup event? (YES/NO) *:
(2) We know that the world situation can change quickly. But based on
your current knowledge of the situation and future perspectives in
Thailand, in your country, and your team. Do you currently plan to
attend RoboCup 2022 in July, Bangkok, Thailand? (YES/ Maybe/ NO)*:
(3) If your answer was NO or Maybe in the last question, could you
please explain what led you to choose such an answer?:
(4) For teams intending to participate in RoboCup 2022 in Thailand, how
do you rate the likelihood that your team will be able to actually.
(More likely/ Neutral/ Less likely):
(5) What reasons might prevent you from actually traveling to RoboCup
2022? (Pandemic situation, Home country situation, Thailand situation,
Traveling conditions, etc.) You can answer more than one):
(6) If you travel to Thailand, how many people on the team are expected
traveling to Thailand? *:
(7) If you end up not being able to travel to Thailand, would your team
be interested in participating in a virtual event of some sort? (YES/NO):
(8) Please explain your answer for the last question:


Section 3: What is your concern about participating in the event?

(1) Covid-19 Pandemic:
(2) Technical:
(3) Visa Issue:
(4) Others:

We appreciate the time you have taken to complete the participation
survey for RoboCup 2022, Bangkok, Thailand. We are hoping and looking
forward to seeing you at the event. For more information, please visit
our website on “https://2022.robocup.org/


Marcus Jaiclin

Jan 19, 2022, 11:40:22 AM1/19/22
to Raymond Sheh, The Open Academic Robot Kit

Thank you for your continued support of this event!

We would like to participate virtually, if that option exists this summer. We would be a first-year participant, and would certainly have to go through the TDM application process.  I have been involved in the past with the Blue Storm team, but I moved schools right before the pandemic, so I am working to establish the Robotics program here in general.

We have a young group interested in the event, so their skill level may need some time to develop, and it is possible that we may not even get far enough to move forward in the process to compete in July.  I think we will be able to get to a place where they can understand some of the work done by the other teams and implement some aspects of those robots.  They have been reading the older TDMs from the oarkit website to get a feel for what's been done and what they think they can do.  I also have some older students who have been working on the AtHome challenge who could help advise them on some aspects of the event.

My school has made a firm decision that we will not sponsor any international travel this school year and summer (which would carry us through to Spring Break 2023), so even if Covid dies down tremendously between now and July, our plans are very unlikely to change.  I would be psyched to go to Thailand (just to eat if nothing else!), but I will have to save that for another day if the event goes forward in person this summer.


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Marcus Jaiclin, Ph.D. [he/him/his]
Wu Tsai Chair in Computer Science
7607 La Jolla Blvd.
La Jolla, CA 92037


Feb 2, 2022, 1:55:47 AM2/2/22
to The Open Academic Robot Kit


This year we will not be present in Thailand. Maybe we can colaborate virtualy?

Best regards

Mechatronics Rescue Team
sreda, 19. januar 2022 ob 16:52:45 UTC+1 je oseba Raymond Sheh napisala:

Raymond Sheh

Feb 2, 2022, 12:27:35 PM2/2/22
to Raymond Sheh, The Open Academic Robot Kit, raymon...@georgetown.edu
Hi All!

Thanks Marcus from Blue Storm, Matej from Mechatronics Rescue Team, and
Graham from SART (off-list) for your update as to the states of your teams!

It sounds like there is (relatively) plenty of interest in an online
competition and that most teams have already ruled out travel. We are
still hoping to drum up domestic and regional interest.

So right now our plan is for a hybrid competition. Here are the
highlights, for those of you who weren't able to attend the pre-RoboCup
presentation on RMRC.

In-person competition - Best-in-Class and Championship awards:

- Qualification via TDM, tentatively due late Feb (although this year we
may be able to be a bit flexible about this until we reach some capacity
limit). This year it should include videos of a robot that you built,
completing at least two tests. This can be from as early as the previous
in-person competition. We realize this won't be final performance and
doesn't need to be your final robot. New teams can skip this requirement
and qualify on an exceptional TDM.

- Updated TDM, judged based on how well it helps another team learn
something useful, due 2 weeks prior to competition and used as a
preliminary multiplier.

- Preliminary in-person rounds run for the first few days as in 2019 -
individual lanes, fixed timer, slots selected in turn, etc.

- Preliminary scores, each test normalized to the best performance being
100 points as usual, are used to determine teams going into the finals.
Number of teams depends on where a split occurs in the scoring.
Preliminary scores in individual suites are used to determine
best-in-class awards.

- Finals arena maze is built by the finalist teams out of the individual
test method pallets. One point for the robot traveling in each direction
across each pallet. There will be some 'surprise' terrains (like the
loose packing material in 2017). Number of runs depends on number of
teams and time available, best performance wins the championship.

Remote (online) competition - Best-in-Class awards only:

- *No* qualification TDM required although we highly encourage teams to
declare their interest on the mailing list or forum and post the details
normally in a TDM.

- Teams build their own test method pallets and record video as per
2021. Note that we will be a little more strict about how we want the
videos laid out this year. We will re-post instructions shortly.

- Teams upload uncut videos of their *best* run in each of the test
lanes (but must be with a single robot configuration) to a timestamped
video sharing site (e.g. Youtube), along with their team-declared score
for the run, and their Updated TDM as above. Deadline TBD but will
probably be a few weeks prior to the in-person competition.

- We all choose some videos to watch and attest to the team-declared
scores. Look for the best and for surprising performances - then read
the TDM to see how the team did it!

- The scores are tallied up and normalized as usual. The best teams
(number depends on looking for a split in the scores) qualify for the
remote finals.

- The remote finals are held in the week prior to the in-person and are
performed live, on video conference, each team receiving a limited
number of slots to perform in their chosen tests like for the in-person

- The remote finals scores in each suite can now be compared with the
in-person preliminaries for Best-in-Class awards.

We now need some more thoughts from folks. In particular:

- From teams we haven't heard from - can you please let us know if
you're going to be able to participate in the in-person or remote
(online) competition (or when you're going to make the decision if
there's uncertainty as to if you can get together as a team)?

- What do you think about this plan?

- For remote (online) teams, which of the 2019 test method lineup can
you build in your labs? As a reminder:
Terrains: Stepfield, Elevated Ramps, Sand, Gravel, Mulch. (We might
rethink the last 2 just because it might be hard for a school to get
standard versions of them.)
Maneuvering: Ramps, Pinwheel Ramps, Center, Align
Manipulator Dexterity Field: Pipestar (we might go to a scaled down
version of the 2021 Major tasks).
Sensing: Sensor panel, Mapping, QR terrains (we could do this in a
'lighter weight' manner and prescribe a course that could be built with
cardboard boxes and printed stickers, for instnace).


- Raymond
Dr. Raymond Sheh

Research Professor
Institute for Soft Matter Synthesis and Metrology
Georgetown University
506 Reiss Science Building
37th and O Streets NW, Washington DC 20057, USA

Guest Researcher
Intelligent Systems Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
U.S. Department of Commerce
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8230, Gaithersburg MD 20899-8230, USA

Senior Lecturer (Adjunct)
Department of Computing
Curtin University of Technology
Street: Building 314, Kent Street, Bentley WA 6102, AUSTRALIA
Mail: GPO Box U1987, Perth WA 6845, AUSTRALIA

Raymond Sheh

Feb 2, 2022, 12:46:10 PM2/2/22
to Raymond Sheh, The Open Academic Robot Kit, raymo...@gmail.com
Hi All!

Oops just a couple of corrections ...

- I should say, Marcus *formerly* of Blue Storm! Marcus - we look
forward to seeing an entry from you in your new position at The Bishop's

- In the test method lineup I forgot to mention the Search/Inspect test
(looking into buckets with varying levels of obstruction). Again we can
be a bit flexible/freeform with this although at the scale we're talking
about for RMRC, we could also build this pretty easily out of cardboard


- Raymond

Arthur Martins de Souza Barreto

Feb 6, 2022, 1:30:06 PM2/6/22
to The Open Academic Robot Kit
Hey guys.
We from the Insper Dynamics team would like to participate in person, we have the robot in the process of being finalized, waiting to send the TDP and qualify for this year's event.

Team Insper Dynamics

Arthur Martins de Souza Barreto

Feb 16, 2022, 9:09:45 AM2/16/22
to The Open Academic Robot Kit
Hey guys. Any news regarding the competition? I would like to prepare myself to send the TDP.

Team Insper Dynamics

Raymond Sheh

Feb 16, 2022, 9:14:55 AM2/16/22
to Arthur Martins de Souza Barreto, The Open Academic Robot Kit, raymon...@georgetown.edu
Hi Arthur, All,

Thanks for the ping!

We are finalizing the details and will send the current plans later today. We still do need feedback from all interested teams - we have a few teams saying they're interested but not so much actual feedback.

When we do send out the updated plans, please take some time to look through it and let us know what you think, if it looks achievable, etc.


- Raymond
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