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Raymond Sheh

Jun 24, 2021, 7:36:59 PM6/24/21
to The Open Academic Robot Kit, raymo...@gmail.com
Hi All!

Figured you might be interested to see what has been happening over on
the Major side of the house!

Teams were given a couple of weeks to do a variety of test tasks ... we
had 11 teams from 5 countries submit 305 videos of various tests. We
have identified some representative highlights in case you wanted to
have a look!

https://youtu.be/oacvbp_ogYA&t=135    Hector    Dexterity Weight h90 r30-60
https://youtu.be/ZR-di6aG7vs&t=36    SHINOBI
https://youtu.be/mZiF0u5VjhQ&t=5    SHINOBI    Autonomous Mobility
https://youtu.be/1f8eYYa2CPg&t=7    SHINOBI    Autonomous Mobility
https://youtu.be/YSC3y0VZXac&t=14    SHINOBI
Dexterity-Linear_Insert_Tool-Downward Orange 120cm
https://youtu.be/L9421lGb3zc&t=48    SHINOBI    Search
https://youtu.be/Y6tP4qiBfM0&t=63    BSM    Inspect
https://youtu.be/GWtlGlBMoLQ&t=60    Hector    Mapping
https://youtu.be/f2hHaHIkQYQ&t=493    Hector    Dexterity Omni extract
h90 r0-30
https://youtu.be/zO6SUGxi2p8&t=7    SAZANKA    Orbit
https://youtu.be/YFmZnNOKF_8&t=20    Robit    Insert

Also just a reminder, if you're producing informational videos, to
please submit them ASAP!


- Raymond


Jun 30, 2021, 4:39:34 PM6/30/21
to Raymond Sheh, The Open Academic Robot Kit
Hello everyone, 

I'd like to take the opportunity to invite you all to join a new online giveaway event we're hosting on our new community forum page- community.robotis.us. Given the number of teams we see sharing such great videos and highlights, I thought it would be perfect to invite you to join ROBOTIS for our first-ever “My Favorite Robot!” online giveaway and video sharing event

We want to see your favorite robot videos- from BattleBots, to Boston Dynamics, to your team's or personal project: come to our online forum community.robotis.us and reply to the giveaway thread with a video and description of your favorite robot to enter for a chance to win! Share a link to your post with friends and family to get likes on the post- the most likes will ultimately win!

Grand prize includes $250 in Store Credit to our robotis.us online shop for state-of-the-art robot kits and hardware! Full details and rules for the competition event can be found here: https://community.robotis.us/t/my-favorite-robot-video-sharing-contest-win-250-store-credit/326

For any questions, feel free to contact us here or through the community page! 
Best regards,

ROBOTIS Technical Support / Customer Support
Leave us a Google Review here! Tell us how we're doing- what do you love, and what can we do better? Leave us a review or email our team!

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Raymond Sheh

Jun 30, 2021, 4:50:27 PM6/30/21
to ROBOTIS Support, raymo...@gmail.com, The Open Academic Robot Kit
Hi All!

Of course our aim with RMRC and the Open Academic Robot Kit is to be not just a platform for RoboCupRescue, but also beyond, both in terms of spreading the ideas of our open source robots, as well as the measurement science that underpins our competitions. Bringing more teams into RoboCupRescue and RMRC is also nice!

I think that participating in other forums and outreach activities, such as Robotis's online forum, and showing them what we do in RoboCup, is a useful activity in this regard. So I encourage you to spread the videos that you've already collected, plus others you will no doubt generate in preparation for the upcoming years, and be ambassadors for RoboCup!


- Raymond
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