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Audrey Lin

Jan 30, 2024, 8:18:21 PMJan 30
to The Open Academic Robot Kit
Hi everyone! 

Hope you are all doing well! We (Knight Sky from California, USA), had a quick question -- when checking online, we found 3 different RMRC websites:

All of the websites have slightly different information, so we wanted to confirm which website was the right one for us (smaller-divsion RMRC), just so we don't miss any of the deadlines. 

Thank you!
Knight Sky

Raymond Sheh

Jan 30, 2024, 10:30:51 PMJan 30
to Audrey Lin, The Open Academic Robot Kit, raymo...@gmail.com
Hi Audrey, 

Great to hear from you, great question, and terrific to hear that Knight Sky is planning on joining us! 

So having looked at the pages, I do agree that it isn't necessarily obvious which site is for what. Here's the situation.

(1) is for the 2023 competition year (in general the info on our pages with a particular year are only for that year, unless another page points to it going "use this other year as a guide").

(2) calls itself the new page and links to the old page for historical info. Of course, anyone can run up a page calling itself the "new page" so I agree it isn't necessarily obvious that this info is authentic (unless they had the habit of using rrl-rmrc.org to get to us, as this used to redirect to the parent page of (1)).

(3) is for the Major RoboCupRescue league and has a link to RMRC in the upper right corner - but I just realized that it ends up at an old landing page that still links to the parent page of (1) ... which I agree also adds to the confusion mentioned in (2).

I don't want to pull the old pages down because the info is important, and I don't want to break deep links that have obviously formed over the years. In lieu of that, I think the next least confusing thing for now is to put a link at the parent page of (1) (which folks landing at (3) get pointed to), so folks who end up there know to go to (2) for the latest info. I've now done that, when I have a moment, I might actually edit a template or something so that all of the pages across (1) will have a note pointing folks to (2).

Having said *all* that, I suspect really your question is, "How do I find info about the current RMRC year?" to which the answer is ... you can't because that page doesn't exist yet. We are finalizing that so stay tuned (to (2) and this mailing list)! 

Here is the most likely arrangement. 

- Dates will most likely be (but not yet confirmed to be) similar to last year but pushed forward by a year. (Note that RoboCup itself is being held a little later in the year this year.)
- Qualifying for, and competing in, the competition will likely be (but not yet confirmed to be) largely the same as 2023 (yup this is an aforementioned instance of "use this other year as a guide"). It is expected (although not yet fully confirmed) that changes will be for the purpose of clarity, fixing things that didn't quite work last year, and adjusting to differences in the venue and LOC. 

Do let us know if you have any other questions!


- Raymond
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