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Simeon Warner

Nov 23, 2021, 8:25:44 AM11/23/21
to Orth, Alan (ILRI), OAI-PMH, Ariyawansa, Udana (IWMI-WLE), Yabowork, Abenet (ILRI)
Hi Alan,

Thanks for your email and being the first person seeing this problem to look in your server logs -- it is interesting that you don't even see a request and, of course, suggests something on the validator end. See other recent messages on

Your repo was not removed from the list. I suspect you only validated rather than registering.


On 11/23/21, 3:38 AM, " on behalf of Orth, Alan (ILRI)" < on behalf of> wrote:
Dear OpenArchives admins,

We're having problems validating our institutional repository on OAI is working correctly, but no matter what URL I
provide, the validator says "HTTP 500" (see screenshot). I don't even
see any requests in our server logs! By the way, we had previously
validated several months ago, but our repository no longer appears on
the list.

Our repository base URL is:

I would appreciate any guidance you can give on these issues. Thank you!

Alan Orth | ICT Linux Systems Administrator (consultant)
International Livestock Research Institute

Orth, Alan (ILRI)

Nov 24, 2021, 4:00:36 AM11/24/21
to Simeon Warner, OAI-PMH, Ariyawansa, Udana (IWMI-WLE), Yabowork, Abenet (ILRI)
Thank you, Simon. Interesting to see others having the same problem on
the validator! I definitely see no request in my server logs, and I
tried a few different domains on different servers that are under my
control. Definitely something wrong on the validator side.

Hope you can figure it out soon... thanks.

John Salter

Nov 24, 2021, 4:30:08 AM11/24/21
to Simeon Warner, OAI-PMH, Ariyawansa, Udana (IWMI-WLE), Yabowork, Abenet (ILRI)
Both the most recent reports have been for sites secured with a Let's Encrypt certificate.

The 500 response can be caused internally (i.e. on the Validator server) if the SSL connection cannot be established for some reason (incompatible TLS versions; no shared ciphers).

If it was part of an Apache stack making the remote request (which I think at this stage in the validation process it is?), in the error logs (on the Validator server) there may be something like:
500 Internal Server Error
Content-Type: ...
Client-Date: ...
Client-Warning: Internal response

I think checking the response headers for 'Client-Warning: Internal response' would indicate if it is a local or remote 500 - and calling $response->as_string might show exacly what is not working in the connection setup.


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Simeon Warner

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