Catalogue of metadata schemata?

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Paul Millar

Mar 9, 2022, 12:09:39 PMMar 9

I understand that OAI-PMH supports multiple records for the same item, where each record would use a different schema.  The specification defines Dublin Core as one such schema, but it is also possible to expose other information using an alternative schema, perhaps one that is more expressive.

I was wondering whether it would make sense for open-archives to host a catalogue of such alternative metadata schemata.  This could allow people to gain more from OAI-PMH, by making it easier to reuse existing schema definitions.

To give a concrete example, I am investigating publishing DataCite information through OAI-PMH.

I've see some evidence that this is already happening, that people are publishing DataCite records; however, I haven't found any concrete documentation (e.g., specs) on how to go about doing this.

If open-archives were to host such a catalogue of metadata schemes, it would make finding information on how to publish DataCite information much easier (assuming DataClite were to be included in the catalogue).

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