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Christian Morbidoni

Jun 8, 2011, 12:20:29 PM6/8/11
to oac-d...@googlegroups.com

is the OAC ontology available for download in RDF format? I cannot find it and the namespace is not dereferenciable.




Jun 8, 2011, 7:02:44 PM6/8/11
to oac-discuss

1. Currently the OAC ontology is only available in human-readable
form, i.e., as embedded and implied in the alpha3 draft guide to oac
data model and in the examples linked from this guide

2. We appreciate that this is a lack and expect soon (by next month at
the latest) to provide a separate RDFS documenting current draft of
OAC ontology.

3. This first version of the OAC ontlogy will be a bit skimpy
especially as regards classes of annotations and annotation
constraints, but basic OAC classes such as oac:Annotation, oac:Body,
oac:Target, oac:ConstrainedTarget, .... and basic OAC predicates such
as oac:hasTarget, oac:hasBody, oac:constrains, oac:constrainedBy ....
will be there along with some initial illustrations of common
annotation and constraint classes.

4. We expect to be updating our ontology periodically over the rest of
the year with additional examples of annotation and constraint
classes, though in the long-run many of these will be defined and
documented by the communities using OAC.

As soon as we have put up the first draft of an OAC ontology document,
we will post back to oac-discuss.


Tim Cole
University of Illinois at UC

On Jun 8, 11:20 am, Christian Morbidoni

Vladimir Alexiev

Mar 1, 2012, 9:07:27 AM3/1/12
to oac-d...@googlegroups.com
The ontology is available for download at http://www.openannotation.org/ns . Can someone say if that is current?

Anna Gerber

Mar 1, 2012, 6:10:06 PM3/1/12
to oac-d...@googlegroups.com

The ontology at http://www.openannotation.org/ns  is the alpha3 model, which is slightly different to the current beta model.

I've put an unofficial version of the beta model here:


Anna Gerber

Mar 1, 2012, 6:31:01 PM3/1/12
to oac-d...@googlegroups.com

I should have mentioned that the only difference between these two versions is that the ontology at http://www.openannotation.org/ns is missing the annotates property and some of the known constraint types described here: 

The core classes (Annotation, Body, Target, Constraint) and properties are identical.


Bernhard Haslhofer

Mar 1, 2012, 10:41:31 PM3/1/12
to <oac-discuss@googlegroups.com>

this brings up an, in my opinion, important issue: the final vocabulary version should carry some version number or timestamp, to make sure that we are referring to the right vocabulary terms. And the terms should be HTTP dereferancable, of course.

Here is also a good thread about available tools for generating HTML documentation directly from the RDFS/OWL vocabulary: http://answers.semanticweb.com/questions/1087/generating-documentation-from-rdfs-andor-owl-vocabularies

Bernhard Haslhofer
Postdoc Associate
Cornell Information Science
301 College Ave. 
Ithaca, NY 14850
WWW: http://www.cs.cornell.edu/~bh392/
Skype: bernhard.haslhofer

Vladimir Alexiev

Mar 2, 2012, 1:57:27 AM3/2/12
to oac-d...@googlegroups.com
Please put the latest version at  http://www.openannotation.org/ns 

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