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Bernhard Haslhofer

Feb 27, 2012, 9:11:43 PM2/27/12
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Hi Rob et al,

I am currently specifying how we are going to represent georeferences on maps using OAC. A georeference
basically associates a place with a point (x,y) on a map.

We have two different scenarios:
1.) the place is identified by a dereferencable HTTP URI, which delivers RDF
2.) we need to embed the lat/long coordinates directly in the annotation RDF document, because no place URI is available.

Here is how I would model the first case:

An alternative could be to skip the oac:GeoReference typing and introduce a property ex:geoReferences between the body and the target. Both have pros and cons. A pro is probably that you can easily fetch all Georeferences by SELECT ?x WHERE ?x a oac:GeoReference.

And here is the solution we currently have on the table for the second case:

    a oac:GeoReference ;
    oac:hasBody <urn:uuid:926a3b20-617c-11e1-b86c-0800200c9a66> ;

    gn:name "City of Ithaca"^^<> ;
    wgs84_pos:lat "43.29225"^^<> ;
    wgs84_pos:long "-84.60472"^^<> .

Is this the way we should model it or should we really serialize the <urn:uuid…> statements to a string, as the current spec proposes. I believe that the drawback of this is that important data (lat/long) become unprocessable by clients unless the deserialize the string and re-build the model; which is not very practical.

Thanks for advice / opinions / etc.


Bernhard Haslhofer
Postdoc Associate
Cornell Information Science
301 College Ave. 
Ithaca, NY 14850
Skype: bernhard.haslhofer

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