LINZ digital elevation in QGIS 3?

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Oct 16, 2018, 4:12:33 AM10/16/18
to nzopengis

Is there an easy way to use this data in QGIS (with terrain profile plugin) with access via api?

I have it kinda working after downloading the geotiff file for a particular area and then loading each tiff tile as a separate layer.

It would be nicer if it could work the same way as imagery layer uses WMTS layer.



Oct 16, 2018, 7:58:32 PM10/16/18
to nzopengis
Hi Eliot,

I'm not seeing that layer available in the LINZ data service WMS layer-list.

I'd suggest to download the GeoTIFFs you need then link them together
into a single virtual
raster using GDAL's "gdalbuildvrt" tool (it's awesome), then generate
your profile from that
combined virtual-map.

Alternatively you might try downloading SRTM (~90m res) tiles or Otago
School of Surveying's
national DEM GeoTIFF tiles from Koordinates (~15m res), as maybe you
can do all you need
to within a single GeoTIFF tile in those cases.

(or maybe someone else besides LINZ has already set up a WMS server
containing one these?
there'll be an international WMS server which provides all the SRTM
tiles somewhere out there
on the 'net for sure)

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