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Eliot Blennerhassett

Mar 27, 2018, 5:33:52 PM3/27/18
to nzopengis
Resending this reply to nzopengis, as talk-nz currently has just 12

On 28/03/18 09:37, Rob Alley wrote:
> Just an update on progress and some questions on handling discrepencies
> in the import data.
> We're now at ~ 45% completion on this with four contributors.  Anyone
> else who wants to lend a hand would be most appreciated - Wellington is
> feeling pretty unloved at the moment.

Sterling work Rob!

> As part of ensuring the add:street tags have corresponding roads I've
> found that some of the LINZ derived tags are using abbreviations in the
> street name (typically St instead of Saint).  This leads to a mismatch
> with the roads and is I believe wrong.  Current plan is to edit the tags
> from LINZ to use the full name but leave the ref:linz:address_id tag
> unchanged, any objections?

Hi Rob,

Whether St is an abbreviation of Saint is apparently not straightforward:

In the filtered LINZ data, I see > 10,000 addresses with "St Something"
and 63 with "Saint Something"

I'm not convinced that "fixing" all these by changing the address is the
right thing to do.

A couple of interesting examples ;)
"Saint Patricks Road, St Patricks"
"St Bathans Loop Road, Saint Bathans"

Have you found other abbreviations?


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