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Eliot Blennerhassett

Nov 29, 2017, 9:49:40 PM11/29/17
to nzopengis
Hi Rob,

On 30/11/17 07:29, Rob Alley wrote:
> Hi Eliot,
>   Looking at the LINZ source data for the address import I've just got
> some concerns with it's accuracy.  
> With the imports I did around the Auckland Cornwallis and Huia areas I
> noticed some discrepancies between the location of the address nodes and
> the building outlines (already in place from previous LINZ imports). 
> This is understandable given it's a rural area with large land parcels
> but still potentially confusing for data consumers.

The LINZ address points may be parcel centroid, or set back off road
> When I look at an urban area it looks more worrisome.  For example
> around Western Springs there are three blocks of apartments with the
> address nodes sprinkled around them (see attched file).  Do you think we
> should just import these as is?  Or move the nodes to fit within the
> building outline?  Skip these in the import?

Up to you.

I have been importing this kind as-is. They will get you within a few
tens of metres of your destination...

Another option would be to replace with a single point with the base
address. (I see those apratments you're referring to have numbers like

I've also seen addresses in a tidy array on top of the apartment
building. E.g. 280 Bealey Ave, 169 Fitzgerald Ave.

There is also the case where there is stack of addresses all at exactly
the same point. My default approach is to distribute these along a
line, though sometimes for small numbers I have guessed that e.g. Unit 1
is closer to the street, Unit 2 is at the back.

I don't want to drop unit numbers altogether, as there are plenty of
cases where they are accurately placed...


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