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Ras Tafarian

Dec 2, 2022, 9:48:17 AM12/2/22

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) 666

Soylent Green Party Marxist-Leninist Totally Bogus
Imposter Phoney Counterfeit "Rastafarian":

Nándor 6
Steven 6
Táncos 6

Nándor, After Leaving The New Zealand Parliament As A Member
Of Government Body, In Disgrace, Has Decided To Live In His
Wretched Dirty Old Hippie Bus Located Between The Waipa River
& The Hakarimata Range At Ngaruawahia In The Waikato Region.

With A Disturbing Looking Serpent Snake Tattoo Upon His Left
Arm, Especially For Real Rastafarians In Te Aotearoa And Other
Locations, Nándor Has Recently (November 2009) Decided To Cut
Off His Fashion-Locks \ Dreadlocks And Has Burned Them. With
A Stated "Anarchist Background" And Political Agenda That
Includes His Continued Participation And Promotion Of The
Soylent Green Party Of Marxist-Leninists, The Drugged-Out
Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is The Co-Founder Of
The Hemp Store Aotearoa, Along With Chris Fowler And Mike
Finlayson, Which Sold Then, And To This Date -


Party Pills -

Benzylpiperazine (BZP) and
Trifluromethylphenylpiperazine (TFMPP)

* Ecstasy
* Frenzy
* Lounge-E
* Nirvana
* Pepe
* Charge
* Jet
* Bliss
* Kandi
* Rapture
* Grunter

+ Most Interesting Is That The Drug Testing
For MDMA Amphetamine Symptomatic BZP, And
TFMPP Was Done In Hungary, The Same Pathetic
Area Of Europe That Nándor Steven Tánczos
(Táncos) (666) Genetic Line Hails From.

Synthetic Cannaboids -

* Kronic - Synthetic Cannaboid (JWH-018)
* Space V2 - Synthetic Cannaboid (JWH-018)
(JWH-073) (JWH-100)
* Marihuanilla - Alternative High Chemicals
* Tribal Dance - Trippy Effect Chemicals
* Dream - Synthetic Cannaboid
* Spice - Synthetic Cannaboid (JW-018)
* Damiana - Aphrodisiac Chemicals
* Blue Lotus - Nymphae Caerulea
* Spice Diamond - More Potent Synthetic Cannaboid
* Kronic Purple Haze - (JWH-018) (RCS-04)

Ecstasy And Other Various Drug Test Kits -

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Who Is Proud To Proclaim
His Hungarian Heritage And Of The River Tisza In Hungary,
Along With His Family Tree That Is Of The Raubenheimer's,
No Doubt Does Not Want You To Know That The Derivation Of
The Name Raubenheimer (Rauber) Is To Rob, Steal, Robbers !
And Proud Of It ! The Hungarians
Who Prefer To Be Called The Magyar Are Known For Centuries
Upon Centuries As Raiding And Pillaging Europe. Their
Thieving Actions Were Stopped In 955 In The Augsburg Battle.
However Their Main Center Of Residence Is The River Tisza
Area, Of Which Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is So
Quick To Pronounce His Genetic Line To Everyone. The Same
Pathetic Genetic Line That Enslaved The Slavs ! Raiders !
Their Origins Are Turkic From Croatia !

Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Now Operates His
Plot Against True Rastafarians In Te Aotearoa Through His
Business In Hamilton, By The Name Of:

He Puna Manawa Ltd.

"social and political change agency"

A Clear Front, For Subversive Activities Against True
Rastafarians Like Myself, Who Like Other Many Māori In
Te Aotearoa At This Very Moment Are Giving Nándor Steven
Tánczos (Táncos) (666), The Ultimatum To Get Out Of
Rastafarian Theology And Movement. Nándor Steven Tánczos
(Táncos) (666) Is At This Moment Trying To Forment Legal
Restraints Against Rastafarians In Te Aotearoa \ NZ Who
Do Not Agree With His Evil Snake Serpent Weak-Arm Plot !
Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666) Is At This Moment
Trying To Enact Legislation That Will Make Alternative
Real Rastafarians Such As Myself And Other Leading Māori
Rastafarians, In Conflict With The Laws That He is Trying
To Get Passed !

You 666 Beast !
You Will Be Defeated In Every Way Possible !
Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos) (666)

Serpent Lucifer Snake Tattoo On Nándor Steven Tánczos (Táncos)
(666), And His Totally Hypocritical Chimney Stove Recently
Built In His Old Dirty Looking Eye-Sore Hippie Bus, Is In
Direct Contradiction To The Greenhouse Gas Issues That He
Purports And Claims To Fight Against As A Marxist-Leninist
Soylent Green Party Member, Who Lives By Parliamentary
Pension !

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