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Feb 1, 1995, 11:15:10 PM2/1/95
MANAWATU / HOROWHENUA / WAIRARAPA public computer bulletin board list.
last update: 30 January 1995
(This list is current until 1 March 1995. Do not use after 1 April 1995)

This document may be freely circulated electronically provided
it is unaltered, subject to certain conditions being satisfied.
Please refer to the Distribution restrictions at the end.

This is a list of as many _publicly accessible_ bulletin board systems
in the Manawatu, Horowhenua and Wairarapa Free Calling Areas as wish
to be on the list at this time.

The list is posted automatically to a cross-section of Usenet newsgroups
and Fidonet technology echoes on the 2nd of each month.

NOTE: There several private bbs's in the area that we are aware of,
most of whom are not listed

BBS's found to be trading in stolen (ie: commercial) software,
cracking codes for software (shareware or shrinkwrap)
or maliciously carrying viruses WILL be removed from the list.


Please send any updates/suggestions/corrections via
one of the following methods:

Whilst on PlaNet Manawatu : FEEDBACK (Not accepted from GUEST account)

Usenet/Internet :
Demi-monde : alan ON 199:310/240.0
Fidonet : alan ON 3:772/110.15
Applelink :
Compuserve : >
Genie :
Fax : (06) 356-2814
Physical mail : Manawatu Internet services
P.O. Box 678
Palmerston North
New Zealand
Phone : (025) 480-204 Midday->Midnight NZ time. (Minor updates)

They are listed in preferred order.


Disclaimer: - Manawatu Internet Services, PlaNet Manawatu and Alan Brown
specifically disclaim any and all damages or liability
resulting from use of this list.

Copyright: - This document is (c) Alan Brown []
and the operators of the listed bbs's.
Editorial control is held by Alan Brown.
Distribution of altered copies is strictly prohibited
without written authorisation. See Distribution Restrictions.


Added: 02/11/94 - Renegade - Masterton
03/12/94 - Classic's Corner - Palmerston North

Deleted: 07/12/94 - Cyberlink 3 - Offline over 2 months...
13/12/94 - Bifrost - Sysop notified closure
22/12/94 - Great Debate - Sysop notified permanent closure

Amended: 03/11/94 - PlaNet Manawatu - Networks
27/11/94 - Total Oblivion - hours
02/12/94 - Moribund Silicon - number
13/12/94 - Satellite - Extra line, hardware
13/12/94 - Top Gun - Hardware
13/12/94 - Top Gun II - Hardware
16/12/94 - Total Oblivion - Speeds
21/01/95 - Classic's Corner - Speeds
30/01/95 - Transition - Fees,software


Summary: Full time boards - Manawatu 9 Horowhenua 1 Wairarapa 2
Part time boards - Manawatu 9 Horowhenua 0 Wairarapa 0
Multiline boards - Manawatu 4 Horowhenua 0 Wairarapa 0
High speed boards - Manawatu 14 Horowhenua 1 Wairarapa 2


All BBSs listed use 8 Data bits, No parity, 1 stop bit.
NZ Phone standards specify V.21/V.22 for 300 and 1200 connects.
Set your comms program to "non-destructive backspace" on most boards.



Area Name Phone Speed
( min max )
WAI Aardvark 6 372-3362 2400 14400 ARQ
MAN Acme 6 355-1104 1200 16800 ARQ ZyX
MAN Acme 6 355-1342 300 2400 (fax switch)
MAN Apple Source 6 353-0960 300 2400
MAN InfoComm 6 354-0245 1200 28800 ARQ V.FC
MAN InfoComm 6 354-0246 1200 28800 ARQ V.FC
MAN Intec 6 323-9660 300 28800 ARQ V.FC
MAN PlaNet Manawatu 6 357-9245 300 14400 ARQ (hunt leader)
MAN PlaNet Manawatu 6 355-9270 300 14400 ARQ
MAN PlaNet Manawatu 6 357-8487 300 14400 ARQ
MAN PlaNet Manawatu 6 357-8598 300 14400 ARQ
MAN PlaNet Manawatu 6 357-8297 300 14400 ARQ
MAN PlaNet Manawatu 6 357-8836 300 28800 ARQ V.FC
MAN Power Board 6 357-9505 300 14400 ARQ
MAN Project Enable 6 356-6034 300 9600
WAI Renegade 6 377-1859 300 14400 ARQ
MAN Satellite 6 353-6431 300 16800 ARQ HST
MAN Satellite 6 353-6437 300 28800 ARQ V.FC
MAN Seventh Heaven 6 355-5536 300 28800 ARQ V.FC
HOR W A G 6 363 6015 300 14400 ARQ (fax switch)

PART TIME BOARDS (Note: times rounded to nearest hour. DON'T ring outside hours)

Area Name Hours Phone Speed
( weekday weekend) (min max)
MAN Camelot 11pm -> 7am 6 358-3906 1200 2400
MAN Classic's Corner 11pm -> 7am 6 358-9697 300 14400 ARQ
MAN Moribund Silicon 10pm -> 7am 6 357-8720 300 2400
MAN No Carrier 11pm -> 7am 6 355-0910 2400
MAN Top Gun 5pm -> 8am 24h 6 351-5152 300 9600 ARQ
MAN Top Gun II 5pm -> 8am 24h 6 351-5158 300 14400 ARQ
MAN Total Oblivion 10pm -> 8am 6 354-7315 1200 14400 ARQ
MAN Transition 9pm -> 9am 6 357-7574 300 14400 ARQ
MAN Twilight Liasons 10pm -> 7am 6 353-0014 300 2400
MAN Ultra 10pm -> 7am 6 323-8360 300 14400 ARQ

+ => Notified as temporarily offline by sysop
* => No answer when last checked



Key: - Software: BBS type
- System: Computer type / storage
- Networks: Network connections and site addresses.
- Handles: Are aliases allowed? ( Yes / No / Required )
- Offline: Offline newreaders supported ( If any )
- Comments: Brief extra information (Usually supplied by admins)
- Clear: Do Clear to Clear discounts apply?



Name: ACME
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: Line 1: 6 355-1104
Line 2: 6 355-1342,,,,,,,,,,,,(fax switch)
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 1200 -> 16800 ZyX V.42/V.42bisSREJ (Line 1)
300 1200 2400 (Line 2)
Sysadmin: Craig Harding (
Carl de Malmanche
Fee: Usenet - $60/year
Software: NONE - Unix shell only.
System: Coherent i386dx, 130Mb HDD
Networks: Usenet -
Audience: Usenet, Un*x
Handles: Yes
Offline: UUCP
Comments: NZ Coherent support board.

Name: Apple Source
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 353-0960
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 300 1200 2400
Clear: Yes
Sysadmin: Keith Whitehead (
Fee: None
Usenet - Not available to users yet.
Software: Hermes II V1
System: Macintosh +, 20Mb HDD, AMUG CD-ROM V7 (6000 files)
Networks: Usenet -
Audience: Macintosh users - PN Macintosh users group BBS (PNMUG)
Handles: No
Offline: No
Comments: No Uploads
Files and CD-ROM access available free to all

Name: Camelot
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 359-3906
Hours: 10:30pm -> 7am
Speed: 1200 2400
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Bruce Adamson (Kadiya)
Fee: Free (donations)
Software: Falcon CBCS
System: Amiga, 600HD
Networks: None
Audience: General
Handles: Yes
Offline: None

Name: Classic's Corner
Verified: no
Phone: 6 358-9697
Hours: 10:30pm -> 7:30am
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V42/V.42bis
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Neal Pearson (Billy Classic)
Fee: None
Software: Proboard v2.01
System: MS-DOS i486dx, 350Mb HDD
Networks: none
Audience: General
Handles: yes
Comments: D&D Gifs, Adventure solutions

Name: InfoComm
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 354-0245
6 354-0246
Hours: 24 Hrs
Speeds: 300 -> 28800 V.FC V.42/V.42bis (both lines)
Sysadmin: Paul Monteith
Fee: Basic - Free
VIP - $25
Software: PC Board 15.1
System: MS-DOS i386/i486, 1.2GbMb HDD, 4 CD-ROM (24 discs)
Networks: Fidonet - IFNA - 3:771/580
Audience: IBM/Multimedia
Handles: Yes
Offline: No
Comments: CDROMS: PC-SIG, Aysemtrix, Phoenix, Nightowl, Game, Windows
Tech Arsenal, Dr Games&Music

Name: Intec
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 323-9660
Packet: ZL2TCA 145.725MHz
Hours: 24 hours
Speeds: 300 -> 28800 V.FC V.42/V.42bis
Clear: No
Sysadmin: John Poulsen
Fee: BBS Free
Usenet Varies according to number of groups subscribed to
Software: Phone : Maximus/Waffle v1.65 (DOS)
Packet Radio :FBB 5.15c
System: i386+i286 MS-DOS, 340Mb HDD, CD-ROM
Networks: Usenet
Fidonet 3:771/500.3
Packet Radio ZL2TCA.#56.NZL.OC
Audience: general + technical
Handles: no (except for Usenet)
Offline: QWK (except for Usenet)
Comments: Longest running BBS in the Manawatu. Now split into seperate systems
1 Cug board as it was
2 Hamboard for the Amateur Radio operators
3 The Parlour of software for the programmer (online soon)
4 The Library of general information (online soon)
5 TVRO File and information on satellite TV (online soon)
6 Intec Internet link (USENET)

Name: Moribund Silicon
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 357-8720
Hours: 10pm -> 7am
Speeds: 300 1200 2400
Sysadmin: Ken Billings
Fee: none (donations appreciated)
Software: Falcon CBCS V1.00r
System: Amiga 500, 20Mb HDD
Networks: None
Audience: Cyberpunk, General
Handles: Yes
Offline: No

Name: No Carrier
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 06 355-0910
Hours: 11pm -> 7am
Speeds: 2400
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Stuart Erskine (Tigershark)
Fee: Free. (Donations welcome.)
Software: Falcon CBCS
System: Amiga 600, 40Mb Hdd
Networks: None
Audience: general messaging
Handles: yes
Offline: None.
Comments: FREE (virtual) BEER!! :)

Name: PlaNet Manawatu / Manawatu Internet services
Verified: Continuously - home of the list
Phone: 6 357-9245 (line 1) (hunts 1-6)
6 355-9270 (line 2)
6 357-8487 (line 3)
6 355-8598 (line 4)
6 355-8297 (line 5)
6 355-8836 (line 6)
6 356-2814 (By arrangement only) (line 7)
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V.42/V.42bis (line 1 -> 5)
300 -> 28800 V.FC V.42/V.42bis (line 6)
1200 -> 16800 ZyX V.42/V.42bisSREJ FAX VOICEMAIL (line 7)
Clear: Yes.
Sysadmin: Alan Brown (
Fee: BBS Basic - free (includes limited Usenet read access)
Usenet news/mail - $80+GST/year (discount for UUCP feeds)
Internet - contact sysadmin
PlaNet - $60+GST/year, UUCP only
NewsLine, APC - by negotiation
Commercial feeds - contact sysadmin (varies according to services)
Usenet BBS feeds - contact sysadmin (varies according to volume)
SLIP/PPP - $120+GST/year
Storage - contact sysadmin
Unix shell - contact sysadmin
Software: Waffle v1.65 (Unix), Unix Shell
System: Solaris 1.1.1, Sun 4/20++, 2.8Gb HDD
Linux, BSD, MS-DOS 8088/i286/i386/i486sx & dx (assorted)
Networks: Usenet (PlaNet hub) (uucp hub) (unix shell) (bbs - Waffle)
K12net -
PlaNet - (planet,newsline,APC groups)
Cube Net -
Demi-Monde - 199:310/1.24
Fidonet - 3:772/110.15
Open Net -
PaintNet -
Poofnet - 77:100/75.4
Prison Net -
Sganet -
Snotnet - 160:1313/69.8
Spacenet -
VRnet - 297:2010/105.2
Audience: Usenet, Internet, FTN, general messaging
Handles: Preferred
Offline: UUCP
Clear: Yes
Comment: PNBBS list maintainer. Voice (025) 480-204, fax (06) 356-2814
Anonymous logins for Antivirus files, BBSlists, ZyXEL modem files.

Name: Power Board
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 06 357-9505
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 2400 -> 14400 V.42/V.42bis
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Ian Grice (SparkeY)
Fee: None
Software: Excelsior! Professional BBS
System: Amiga 500, 300Mb HDD
Networks: None
Audience: General PC/Amiga
Handles: Encouraged
Offline: QWK
Comments: Electrical info here, Questions and Answers, Sounds & Graphix.

Name: Project Enable
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 356-6034
Hours: 24 Hrs
Speeds: 300 -> 9600
Sysadmin: Dave Grout
Fee: None
Software: Remote Access
System: MS-DOS i386
Networks: Fidonet - 3:771/500
Audience: People with disabilities
Handles: No
Offline: QWK
Comments: Run by the NZ Disabilities resource Centre

Name: Satellite
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 353-6431 (line 1)
6 353-6437 (line 2)
Hours: 24 Hours
Speeds: 300 -> 16800 HST V42/V42bis (line 1)
Speeds: 300 -> 28800 VFC V42/V42bis (line 2)
Sysadmin: Alex Milosevich
Fee: Basic - $30/year
VIP - $60/year
Software: PCBoard 15.2
System: i386/i486 MSDOS, 700Mb HDD, 9 CD-ROM (25 disks)
Networks: Fido - IFNA - 3:771/530
Audience: IBM, Amiga
Handles: Paid users only. Not in Fido
Offline: QWK
Comments: Door Games. IBM and Amiga file areas

Name: Seventh Heaven
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 355-5536
Hours: 24 Hours
Speeds: 300 -> 28800 V.42/V.42bis
Sysadmin: Karen Kingsbeer
Fee: None
Software: Searchlight
System: MS-DOS i286 20Mb HDD
Networks: None
Audience: Over 18's only
Handles: Mandatory
Offline: None
Comments: "Mature" messaging. Moralisers will be flamed.

Name: Top Gun
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 351-5152
Hours: 5:00pm -> 8am
24hrs at weekends
Speeds: 300 -> 9600
Sysadmin: Savern Reweti
Fee: None
Software: Searchlight 4.0 Reg # 1901
System: MS-DOS i286, 110Mb HDD, 1 CD-ROM
Networks: None
Audience: General
Handles: No
Comments: Based at Ohakea AFB - Fax on this line during working hours.

Name: Top Gun II
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 351-5158
Hours: 5pm -> 8am
24hrs at weekends
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V.42/V.42bis
Sysadmin: Savern Reweti
Fee: None
Software: Searchlight
System: MS-DOS i286, 110Mb HDD, 2 CD-ROM
Networks: None
Audience: General
Handles: No
Comments: Based at Ohakea AFB - This is a separate machine to Top Gun bbs.

Name: Total Oblivion
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 354-7315
Hours: 10pm - 8am
Speeds: 1200 -> 14400 V.42 V.42bis
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Mathew Potts
Fee: None
Software: Maximus 2.01
System: MS-DOS i386sx, 85Mb HDD
Networks: None
Audience: General
Handles: No
Offline: QWK

Name: Transition
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 357-7574
Hours: 9pm -> 9am
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V42/V42bis
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Renze de Ruiter (
Fee: Basic - Free (donations welcome)
Usenet - $15 (Limited number of newsgroups)
Software: AXsh V 1.31
System: Amiga 4000/030, 120Mb HDD
Networks: Usenet -
Audience: Amiga Users, RolePlayers/WarGamers
Handles: Yes
Offline: QWK (Not for Usenet)
Comments: **IX style shell interface. Not for 'kiddies'

Name: Twilight Liasons
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 353-0014
Hours: 10pm -> 7am
Speeds: 300 1200 2400
Clear: Yes
Sysadmin: Steve Brown (DERAIL)
Fee: Free
Software: MAXIMUS 2.01.
System: MS-DOS i386sx, 40Mb HDD
Networks: none
Audience: General messaging. (Mature)
Handles: Yes
Offline: None
Comments: R18 areas open to those that provide what we ask

Name: Ultra
Verified: 02 December 1994
Phone: 6 323-8360
Hours: 10pm -> 7am
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V42/V42bis
Sysadmin: Bill Tattersfield
Fee: $10/year
Software: Excelsior! BBS Professional
System: Amiga 2000,120Mb HDD
Networks: None
Audience: AMIGA! (and other mortals :-)
Handles: No
Offline: QWK
Comments: Manawatu Amiga User Group Support


Name: W A G
Verified: 3 August 1994
Phone: 6 363-6015
Hours: 24hrs
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V.42/V.42bis
Sysadmin: Brian Kell
Fee: None
Software: Remote Access 2.00+
System: MS-DOS i286, 210Mb HDD
Networks: Fidonet - IFNA - 3:/771/500.10
Fox-net - - 3:1993/0
Audience: General
Handles: Yes
Offline: Bluewave
Comments: Games, MSDOS and Amiga files.


Name: Aardvark
Verified: 3 August 1994
Phone: 6 372 3362 (sometimes 2 nodes)
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 2400 -> 14400 V.42/V.42bis
Clear: No
Sysadmin: Andy Gardner (
Fee: Free/$30 membership
Software: Excalibur BBS for Windows
System: Microsoft Windows, 100Mb HDD, 1 CD-ROM (MS Windows shareware)
Networks: Coming soon.
Audience: general, MS Windows users
Handles: no
Offline: None
Comments: Most areas are free access. This BBS is a MS Windows graphics
based client/server system that requires the Excalibur terminal
program. If you do not have this, call the BBS using a standard
comms package and you will be able to download it using x/y/z modem,
or get util\ from CICA on the Internet. Well worth
the bother as it is multitasking. Read mail, news conferences,
chat, download and upload all at once!

Name: Renegade
Verified: No
Phone: 6 377-1859
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V42/V42bis
Sysadmin: James Hooper (Centurion)
Fee: Free (Donations welcome)
Software: Renegade v1-2 EXP
System: MSDOS, i286, 140Mb HDD
Audience: General,DOS
Handles: Yes
Offline: none
Comments: Registered doors,Files for DOS only.


Calling BBSs:- The part time boards listed are all based at private
numbers. Please DON'T ring outside the advertised hours.

Almost all BBS's answer within 3 rings. Those which
don't are specifically mentioned. Leaving a phone
ringing for 40 or 50 rings is highly antisocial.

Most BBS's take around 20 seconds to recycle
between calls. Calling within this 20 second window
will often cause the recycle period to start over.

It is illegal for a modem to ring a number at less
than 1 minute intervals or more than 5 times per
hour if there is no answer.

First Call: - When ringing any BBS for the first time, ensure that the
number is actually being answered by a modem - humans do
not appreciate being rung by modems, especially at 3am and
any list may contain erronous information from time to time.


Known Private BBSs:

These are PRIVATE systems - entry is normally by invitation only.

NOTE: there are many computers (and faxes) attached to 3505xxx and 3504xxx
numbers (Massey University direct dialins).

Most are PC-Anywhere programs set up so their owners can access Internet
outside office hours. Do not "troll" these numbers as the
university will take action if it's noticed.

The only known "official" Massey BBS is W&S

NOTE: It is illegal to "troll" for phone numbers with scanning programs
(intent to commit computer crime, plus nuisance/silent calling)
Telecom NZ have automatic checking for this type of activity running at all

Ormond Stock : 358-0041 : Ormond Stock and Associates clients
Phil's place : 354-1xxx : private
Rendez-Vous : 35x-xxxx : Invitation only
W&S (Massey University) : 350-5xxx : W&S Staff and suppliers only

Usenet nodes in Area:

Nodename Node type Contact Connected via
-------- --------- ------- --------- --- BBS/UUCP hub massey uucp Agriculture New Zealand manawatu uucp M. Brown, PN Col. of Edu. manawatu uucp CDM Project Management manawatu uucp Computer Engineering Services manawatu uucp Computerland Central Ltd. manawatu uucp Radio Country FM, 91.4MHz manawatu uucp Clean Sweep (chimney sweep) manawatu uucp Day Two manawatu uucp C.Dever, Midcentral Health manawatu uucp PlaNet (Manawatu) BBS manawatu IP DontPanic Ltd manawatu uucp Dynalink modems Ltd manawatu uucp Eclipse Software manawatu uucp Ezibuy Ltd manawatu uucp PlaNet (Gisborne) manawatu uucp Hort Research Ltd massey IP Horowhenua Peoples' Centre manawatu uucp Burn Baby, Burn! manawatu uucp Internet Hawkes Bay Ltd manawatu uucp InTech BBS (CARM) manawatu uucp International Pacific College manawatu uucp Polytechnic massey uucp BBS/UUCP hub massey IP University IP Mitek Computer Systems Ltd manawatu uucp PPT, Manawatu Museum manawatu uucp Research inst. massey IP Apple Source BBS sir@ manawatu uucp Olson Software manawatu uucp Private manawatu uucp Production Engineering Ltd massey IP Perception Knowledge Systems manawatu uucp PN City Corp massey uucp = Steve Maharey MP local office manawatu uucp Palm Nth Pub. Library manawatu uucp Seedbank NZ Ltd manawatu uucp Smart Software manawatu uucp Steve Smith and Associates manawatu uucp Transition BBS manawatu uucp PlaNet (Wanganui) david.pate@ manawatu uucp Manawatu Peoples' Centre manawatu uucp Zero-One Computers Ltd manawatu uucp

[PPT => PlaNet Public Terminal - Free public access Usenet]

Fido technology nodes: (This list is under construction.)
Fido node info is largely supplied by Dave Grout, sysop of Project Enable,
which is the local main Fido hub.



- PlaNet Manawatu


199:310/1.24 - PlaNet Manawatu


3:771/500 - Project Enable
3:771/500.3 - InTec
3:771/500.10 - WAG
3:771/530 - Satellite
3:771/580 - Infocomm
3:772/110.15 - PlaNet Manawatu


Fox-net (Foxton-Manawatu network)

3:1993/0 - WAG

NZ Connect

- PlaNet Manawatu

- PlaNet Manawatu


77:100/75.4 - PlaNet Manawatu

Prison Net
- PlaNet Manawatu


SGA (sysops guild association)

- PlaNet Manawatu


SNOTnet (Scintillating Network of Orgasmic Thought - "Westies")

160:1313/69.8 - PlaNet Manawatu

- PlaNet Manawatu



297:2010/105.2 - PlaNet Manawatu


Errors: - While all steps are taken to ensure that the information
contained in this list is accurate (particularly telephone
numbers), it may contain errors from time to time.
- Please send corrections to one of the above addresses.

Disclosure: - BBS locations are not supplied in order to protect
the operators from unwanted attentions.
This includes unwanted junk mail.
Don't ask - we won't divulge them.

Editing: - The list compilers reserve the right of editorial
discretion on all entries.
- System admins must supply real names.

Sources: - Information in this list is supplied by the system
administrator of each BBS. We take no responsibility
for any system admin's failure to update their listing.
If complete information cannot be obtained, the relevant
fields are left blank.

Updates: - This list is updated as new information comes to hand.
The latest version of the list may be obtained at any
time from PlaNet Manawatu BBS by logging in as INFO
and downloading PNBBS.TXT.
- Updates/new entries should be on the PNBBS.FRM template
- Updates are not accepted from the GUEST account

Restrictions: - This list is freely distributable subject to the following
- Electronic versions may be freely distributed provided
they are not altered in any way or form from the original
and are not charged for in any way or form.
- Copies older than the "Do not use after" date must be
removed from display and distribution immediately.
- Printed copies may be distributed provided no parts are
added or removed from the list. Pageset versions are
permitted, but a copy must be sent to the above postal
address for verification.
- Commercial publication is strictly prohibited without
written permission.
- Under NO circumstances may this list be used in, or
as a source for, any form of commercial advertising,
advertising distribution or journalism without permission.
- This list may not be placed in any bbs file area where file
transfer ratios are enforced or for which monies are charged
for access. It may not be placed on any BBS which does not
allow at least minimal free access.

- Basically: no-one is allowed to make money from this list -
We spend a reasonable period of time maintaining the list
for the use of the general community and will take whatever
action we feel is necessary if somone is found to be profiting
from our work.

Other lists: - Permission is granted for this list to be used as a source
for compilation of national/international lists, provided
that acknowlegement of this list is made and a copy of the
resulting list is forwarded to one of the PNBBSlist contact

Info for International list compilers:

ISO recommendation for international telephone number format
is: "+<country code> <area code> <local number>"

the "+" is intended to be replaced by the end user with hir
applicable ISD access code.

The country code for New Zealand is 64. (eg: PlaNet -> +64 6 357-9245)

[End of list]

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