Internet access in New Zealand FAQ

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Simon Lyall

Aug 13, 1994, 9:38:05 AM8/13/94
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Internet Access in New Zealand FAQ


Section 0: Notes on this edition.
Section 1: Changes since last edition.
Section 2: Overview of this FAQ.
Section 3: Structure of the Internet in New Zealand.
Section 4: What public access sites are there in my area?
Section 5: What's involved in actually getting on the net?
Section 6: What can I do once Im on the internet?
Section 7: How can I find out more about the internet?
Section 8: Why isn't my site included?
Section 9: Disclaimer and Credits.


Subject: Section 0: Notes on this edition.

This is the first edition of this FAQ approved by the *.answers team, this
effictively means that will appear in various *.answers groups and be
archieved on I am sorry about the delay in putting out
this edition. I intend as stated above to put this out every month or
so from now on. I would also be happy to hear from people with feedback
or system-admins who wish to be added.


Subject: Section 1: Changes since last edition.

General : Minor Changes throughout too numerous to list.
Section 4: Added -
Section 4: Added -


Subject: Section 2: Overview of this FAQ.

This is a compilation of information about Internet access in News Zealand.
It contains an overview of the Internet in New Zealand, where to get more
information about the Internet and a list of organisations offering Internet
access to the public.

This FAQ will be reposted monthly, changes will be marked in "Section 1".
If you have information on sites not listed here or any corrections or
constructive comments to make, please mail me. I am very happy to accept
pieces from other people to go into this FAQ and I will endeavour to
include and answer any actual faq's that come to my attention.

When the FAQ's contents has stabilized somewhat I intend to make it
available for anonymous FTP and on the World Wide Web.

If you are interested in more general information New Zealand then you
may wish to consult the FAQ that is produced by Phil Stuart-Jones
<> or try the newsgroup

Feel free to distribute this FAQ anywhere as long as (a) It is kept
intact and (b) It is the latest version.

This FAQ is Copyright Simon Lyall 1994.


Subject: Section 3: Structure of the Internet in New Zealand

To be written section explaining the structure of tuia-net, NewZnet and
ip charging etc..


Subject: Section 4: What public access sites are there in my area?

This section lists public access sites. It is organized by regions:

- National providers.
- Auckland & the far north.
- Waikato and central North Island.
- Wellington Area.
- The South Island.

I may re-arrange these regions as needed.

Please Note: In order to prevent this FAQ from becoming to long and
unweildy, I have decided that in regions where there are many sites offering
a range of internet access I will only list those sites that offer full
internet connections or are otherwise special.

========================== National Providers ============================

This part is intended for organisations that provided Internet access in
more than one region. This can be by various means including pacnet,0800 and
0900 numbers or co-ordination of a number of regional sites. If access is via
a series of local sites you should see the entry for the site in you region.

Could any National provider please contact me about getting an entry in
this area.

Actrix Networks Limited
Actrix provides nationwide access via pacnet, see Actrix's entry in the
list of Wellington providers for more information.

=======================Auckland and the Far North=========================

Organisation --> Advanced Systems - Online Information Service
Site name ----->
Location ------> Central City, Auckland, New Zealand
Dialins -------> Zyxel 16.8 & Zoom 28.8 (09-3793365) (stepping)
Machine -------> 486DX33, 8meg ram, 880MB hdd Localbus cache controller
Link ----------> UUCP to, 14.4 Connects Hourly.
Services ------> Email, News, UUCP,SLIP,PPP,TERM
Usenet --------> 60Meg a day, And if we don't have it just ask.
Charges -------> $5 per month or $50 pre year. $20/Meg email
Features ------> Multi-user talk, Raytracing,
Other Services-> Support for PrimeSoft NZ LTD *PC/AMIGA Accounting
Other Services-> software*
Comments ------> We will install linux for $50 includes uucp connection.
Contact Email ->
Contact Voice -> 09-379-8134
Contact Fax ---> 09-379-3365
Contact Modem -> 09-379-3365
Contact Postal-> Advanced Systems PO.BOX 90-690,
Contact Postal-> Auckland Mail Center, Auckland.
Last Update ---> 9th July 1994.

Organisation --> Internet Company of New Zealand (ICONZ).
Site name ----->
Location ------> Auckland New Zealand
Dialins -------> 18 @ v.22/v34bis.
Machine(s) ----> Several Sun Sparc Station IPC, 3/50, 5/60, 486 PC
Link ----------> 48K MDDS Lease Circuit to Tuia Net
Services ------> Unix Shell, Dial-in Slip, BBS, UUCP, Lease lines
Usenet --------> Full feed
Charges -------> Standard Iconz rates, contact
Features ------> File areas
Other Services-> Hardware/software sales, Network installation,
Other Services-> Unix consulting, http design, training
Comments ------> Part of the Iconz group
Contact Email -> Jon Clarke -
Contact E-help->
Contact Voice -> Chris Thorpe or David Merritt (09) 358-1186
Contact Fax ---> (09) 300-3122
Contact Modem -> (09) 303-0088 (18 lines stepping)
Contact Postal-> ICONZ, PO Box 6721, Auckland.
Last Update ---> 6th July 1994

=====================Waikato and Central North Island=====================

Organisation --> Midland Internet Services.
Site name ----->
Location ------> Hamilton.
Area Serviced -> Waikato/Bop & Central North Island.
Dialins -------> 4@ v.42/v32bis.
Machine -------> Sun Sparc Station IPC, Linux v1.1.xx servers.
Link ----------> 28k8bps Lease Circuit to Waikato University.
Services ------> Unix Shell, Dial-in Slip, uucp, Lease lines
Usenet --------> Full feed.
Charges -------> Standard Iconz rates, contact
Features ------> File areas, Linux Support Site.
Other Services-> Hardware/software sales, Network installation,
Other Services-> Unix consulting.
Comments ------> Part of the Iconz group
Contact Email -> Bryce Farmilo -
Contact Voice -> Bryce Farmilo or Al Paterson on (07) 839-1045
Contact Fax ---> 839-1172
Contact Modem -> 839-1172 (4 lines stepping)
Contact Postal-> Midland Internet Services, PO-BOX 19255, Hamilton.
Last Update ---> 12th July 1994.

=============================== Wellington ===============================

Organisation --> Actrix Networks Limited
Site name ----->
Location ------> Wellington
Dialins -------> 20 dialup lines, PACnet
Machine -------> Several Sun systems and 486 PC
Link ----------> 10MB Link (Directly on VUW backbone).
Services ------> PPP, On-line Menu, UUCP, Unix Shell, Fido.
Usenet --------> Full Newsfeed, Clarinet
Charges -------> From $50 / year. E-mail
Features ------> FTP, Gopher, WWW, E-mail, Telnet
Features ------> Files.
Other Services-> Unix training and consulting. Internet demos.
Comments ------> We are closly associated with the NZ Planet Network
Comments ------> and are able to offer connections throughout NZ
Contact Email ->,
Contact Voice -> John (025) 432-987. A/H (04) 389-6316
Contact Fax ---> (04) 389-6356
Contact Modem -> (04) 499-1708 (20 lines)
Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 11-410, Wellington
Last Update ---> 20th June 1994.

Organisation --> PlaNet (Wgtn)
Site name ----->
Location ------> Wellington
Area Serviced -> Larger Wellington area
Dialins -------> 20 dial in lines, nation-wide network of dial-ins
Machine -------> Several SUN systems and 486 PC
Link ----------> 10MB Link (Directly on VUW backbone).
Services ------> APC (Sept), PPP, On-line Menu, UUCP, Unix Shell, Fido
Usenet --------> Full Newsfeed, Clarinet
Charges -------> From $75 / year. E-mail
Features ------> FTP, Gopher, WWW, E-mail, Telnet
Features ------> Files.
Other Services-> PlaNet Public Terminals (libraries, schools, etc)
Comments ------> In Wgtn we are working with the Actrix Exchange at VUW
Comments ------> PlaNet can offer connections throughout NZ (90% population)
Contact Email ->
Contact Voice -> Peter (04) 3856528 (04) 3898800
Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 9943, Wellington
Last Update ---> 1 July 1994.

============================= South Island ===============================

Organisation --> Efficient Software New Zealand limited
Site name ----->
Location ------> Dunedin
Area Serviced -> Dunedin, Invercargill and central Otago.
Dialins -------> 2...@28.8Kbps as at July 1994
Machine -------> 486DLC 40, 420 Mb HDD, running Linux 'Slackware'.
Link ----------> 28.8Kbps to University of Otago
Services ------> SLIP, Unix Shell ( Mail, News, Telnet, Ftp), uucp, http
Usenet --------> Full feed.
Charges -------> Mail to
Features ------> Interactive login, Telnet, FTP, Mail, SLIP, WWW
Other Services-> None
Comments ------> Service is now available.
Contact Email ->
Contact Voice -> Not available... to busy.
Contact Fax ---> 03 - 4738274
Contact Modem -> Dial-in lines: 03 - 4737990 (Users only)
Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 5677, Dunedin
Last Updated --> 31 July 1994.

Organisation --> Equinox Networks
Site name ----->
Location ------> Christchurch city
Area serviced -> Entire South Island
Dialins -------> 4 * 28k8 1 * 16k8 1* 14k4 all with V.42bis
Machine -------> Sun, Amiga 030/50, ~4GB Disk
Link ----------> 28k8 Leased Circuit.
Services ------> Email FTP Telnet [more coming soon]
Usenet --------> Full newsfeed
Charges -------> Please call for details or mail
Features ------> Interactive sessions, uucp connects, SLIP etc soon
Other Services->
Comments ------> Some areas currently under construction/expansion
Contact Email ->
Contact Voice -> DayTime (3) 3713-440 Evening (3) 3842664
Contact Fax --->
Contact Modem -> (3) 3655408
Contact Postal-> P.O. Box 22-651 Christchurch.
Last Update ---> 8th July 1994


Subject: Section 5: What's involved in actually getting on the net?

To be written section detailing whats needed in the way of hardware,software,
knowhow and money to get on the Internet, depending on whether you are a big
company or just a individual user.


Subject: Section 6: What can I do once Im on the internet?

The internet is the result of connecting together a large number of
university, research, and commercial networks. It's history's first
major global computer network.

Originally it evolved out of a desire for researchers to communicate
with each other and exchange data more conveniently. Electronic mail
remains one of the major uses of the internet today - anyone on the
network can send electronic mail to anyone else quickly and

A logical extension of this idea is "Usenet news", which allows people
to publically discuss topics of interest with people all over the
world who have similar interests. There are over three thousand such
discussion groups now, with something to interest everyone.

Both these services are "offline" services - in other words you send a
message and other people read it later. The alternative is programs
that type directly to other peoples' screens. The "online" equivalent
of mail is "talk" which allows you to chat with a friend, typing
directly to each others' screens. News' equivalent is "irc" or
Internet Relay Chat which allows people to enter discussion groups on
various topics and send messages to each others.

People looking for software or information have various ways of
accessing it. "ftp" and "fsp" are ways of getting files from computers
anywhere in the world, with many places providing huge areas with
gigabytes of files. The problem with these is finding what you're
looking for amongst the millions of computers around the world. One
solution is "archie", which can be used to search a list of ftp
sites for whatever you're interested in. Other alternatives are "gopher"
and "World Wide Web" (or "WWW") which provide a user-friendly way to
browse through the plethora of databases and ftp sites on the net.

Many games and bulletin boards are also accessible via the internet,
including the very popular MUDs, or "Multi-User Dimension"s. These
allow people to wander around a simulated world, interacting as if
they were physically in the same place.

There are plenty of other things to do on the internet - just finding
out about them could easily become a career in itself! There's so many
interesting things out there that it's impossible to list them all but
exploring the possibilities is half the fun.


Subject: Section 7: How can I find out more about the Internet?

There are many excellent books and online resource guides to the
internet. Check your local bookshop. If you've got a favorite book,
please send me details so I can add them here.

Books: (most of these entries thanks to the PDIAL list)

- The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Internet; Peter Kent; Alpha Books;
ISBN 1-56761-414-0.

- Connecting To The Internet; Susan Estrada; O'Reilly & Associates;
ISBN 1-56592-061-9 (A how-to on selecting the right IP provider, from
dialup to dedicated.)

- A DOS User's Guide to the Internet -- E-mail, Netnews and File
Transfer with UUCP; James Gardner; MKS; ISBN 0-13-106873-3 ("Internet"
in the title is misleading -- covers UUCP connections only.)

- The Electronic Traveller -- Exploring Alternative Online Systems;
Elizabeth Powell Crowe; Windcrest/McGraw-Hill; ISBN 0-8306-4498-9. (A
good tour of various personal IP and other types of providers, but some
data is seriously out of date.)

- Internet Basics; Steve Lambert, Walt How; Random House;
ISBN 0-679-75023-1

- The Internet Companion; Tracy LaQuey, Jeanne C. Ryer;
Addison-Wesley; ISBN 0-201-62224-6

- The Internet Companion Plus; Tracy LaQuey, Jeanne C. Ryer;
Addison-Wesley; ISBN 0-201-62719-1

- The Internet Complete Reference; Harley Hahn, Rick Stout; Osborne;
ISBN 0-07-881980-6

- The Internet Directory; Eric Brawn; Fawcett Columbine; ISBN
0-449-90898-4 (Phone book style listing of resources.)

- The Internet for Dummies; John R. Levine, Carol Baroudi; IDG Books
Worldwide; ISBN 1-56884-024-1 (Lots of useful information, but much
of it is intermediate level, not "dummy".)

- Internet: Getting Started; April Marine, Susan Kirkpatrick, Vivian
Neou, Carol Ward; PTR Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-289596-X

- The Internet Guide for New Users; Daniel P. Dern; McGraw-Hill;
ISBN 0-07-016511-4 (Good, very thorough guide for new users.)

- The Internet Navigator; Paul Glister; John Wiley & Sons; ISBN
0-471-59782-1 (Good, comprehensive guide for new users.)

- The Internet Roadmap; Bennet Falk; Sybex; ISBN 0-7821-1365-6

- The Mac Internet Tour Guide; Michael Fraase; Ventana Press; ISBN

- Navigating the Internet; Richard J. Smith, Mark Gibbs; SAMS
Publishing; ISBN 0-672-30362-0

- Welcome to... Internet -- From Mystery to Mastery; Tom Badgett, Corey
Sandler; MIS:Press; ISBN 1-55828-308-0

- The Whole Internet User's Guide & Catalog; Ed Krol; O'Reilly
& Associates; ISBN 1-56592-025-2 (Good all around guide.)

- Zen & the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide; Brendan P. Kehoe;
PTR Prentice Hall; ISBN 0-13-010778-6


Subject: Section 8: Why isn't my site included?

Simple I havn't recieved a submission from you system administrator
asking to be included. Just get him/her to contact me and I will send
them a form to fill out in order to be included..

Please note that I am limiting this list just to sites offering fuller
conections, ie sites just offering say email and news will only be listed
if there are few other options in their region.


Subject: Section 9: Disclaimer and Credits.


The 'Internet Access in New Zealand FAQ' is a private project done for purely
infomational reasons. It has no affiliation with any commercial group or

While I endeviour to keep the FAQ as up-to-date and error free as possible
I can accept no responsiblity from errors in it, I will however do my best to
correct any errors as soon as I become away of them.


I would especially like to thank Zik Saleeba(, the keeper
of the 'Network Access in Australia FAQ' for permission to use material from
his FAQ in this one.

I would also like to thank Bryce Farmilo (, of Midland
Internet Services for his input and help during several stages of this FAQ's

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