Fashion Week and BLM need to do more than just yell and kneel-->>time to do righteousness to make that change!

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because new yoikahs are always bettah!

Sep 14, 2016, 5:24:16 AM9/14/16
(time for Black Lives Matter to make the changes change)

5:15 AM (5 minutes ago)

like helping out financially and with your time and effort in your communities and your neighbors.

if just one demonstrator "adopted" a needy family this holiday season and b ought them warm clothes and toys for their kids and maybe also some fixings for a ncie holiday meal or helped one senior do some repairs on their house and yard or took one family by car to the local charitable food pantry or put five seniors in their car and took them to and fro the election polls so they could vote this year or

sent $10 or $20 each to my account via egiftcard so i could raise $3,000 to do some shopping for gently-used kids clothing to send to various needy single moms (of color, yes) that i met on (my account is

or ditto to my account on where every purchase i make via (and you can make the switch too on your account) helps out also the second chance animal rescue charity

via the program

well, they'll know you are christians/muslims/activist=etc by our love.

and also doing a mass cleaning of the local green or village square. and document these acts and put them up on the web with a little story to encourage others to do similar things.

just a thought.
and if anyone in Fashion Week has leftover kids clothing or large-people's clothing and also leftober gnosh, email me and i will send it off to needy people or let you know where you can send it. but leftober gnosh is a good thing for us quadropeds too1

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