why lincoln square pawn shop, the 24th precinct and the state of texas is corrupt and enables poor people to be victimized

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because new yoikahs are always bettah!

Dec 12, 2014, 10:37:44 AM12/12/14
i took in a bunch of grifters who claimed to be disabled vets with ptsd and cancer.

dennis visitacion dosed me with visine and raped me repeatedly and stole things from my house at gunpoint and knife point and churned my debit and foodstamp card to buy alcohol for the tribe of grifters he moved in on me.

micheal visitacion stole as did he baby mama--if they were indeed dennis visitacion's son. he also stole my meds.

keith demodina was an unregistered sex offender and did a 3-year stint as an lapd during the first rodney king riots so he claims on loan from the marines. he is a racist and the state of texas enabled him to remain lose in nyc until the complaints about him became so egregious. but he is still at large beating up gay people in the west village and possibly having tried to rape and robbed a little old Jewish lady on beekman street.

edwin luciano and jenalla aroujo robbed me of a stereo and camera.

these things were pawned at lincoln square pawn shop on amsterdam and 95-96th street.

i went in today and the detective carmicheal and his lietenant who only called me to "stop making false accusations and stop calling the ccrb"

and the big cop who smashed my foot in the cop car door jamb 7 tiimes when i could not get out after they slid me in sideways handcuffed cuz i have a bad spine...and it gets worse.

and you think you have it bad in staten island or missouri? if you are poor and live in the projects they ignore your pleas for help.

and a computer stolen at knifepoint by a terrance taylor. and a stab wound still open from april 2013 because their retribution for taking it public was to pull my medicaid and foodstamps. i am a brittle diabetic..

for months no insulin.

a curse be upon all who collaborated in my victimisation. may all and more that has happened to me--including blooomberg killing my doggie's puppies and forcing steriliaation at the behest of the crack-dealing manager of the local petco because their rabies shots were not refrigerated and dogs were puking on the floor in the heat on the second floor in line all around the store and not cleaned up.

unto the generations. so mote it be.

it's no wonder no one wants to expand this corrupt economy and that speculation that further deteriorates and contracts this economy is at full speed.

theft is the rule of thumb. theft and laziness.

unto the generations.

det.carmicheal should be ashamed of himself bigtime.

still hiv-negative. still testing. still pooping blood clots on ocassion.

dennis lives at 250 riverside avenue in yonkers.

edwin luciano is on soup lines on the east side of manhatan --st.barts and other eaves.

jenella araujo is in or is supposed to be in a long-term detox/rehab program for her own good.

but prolly edwin sprung her and is living in an sro on west 149th street somewhere possibly pimping her out.

and the 24th precicnt is laden with toxic mold and asbestos. retirement from there means certain death from cancer within 7 years.

karma is at work as i type.

and the attorney general runs ads boasting that he is doing anything but pleasisng his wall street masters and not protecting the most innocent and defenseless and not prosecuting their delinquent "protectors".

no wonder the under-ground economy, the floating world is thriving. and that is not victimless neither.

may all who cause me suffering suffer in like and more extreme kind always and often forever unto the generations!

so mote it be.

the struggle has not yet begun yet.

guillotines are too kind.

oh, dennis visitacion might be the daytona serial killer.

happy trails.

and keith--is encouraging the aryan nations to train up racist jihadis in nyc and other cities by tasking them with random acts of violence.

organized lone wolves. and in the suburbs too.

not paying attention has its costs too.

clone my puppy now! give this blind lady back her cameras and stereo.

punish the cruel and lazy!

so mote it be.

if i were chinese or japanese or russian, i would not be investing in the nyc real estate bubble. i would not eat at restuarants.

superbugs from the opressed are working up the food chain! gotta love camel meat too! and pacific winds saturated with toxic radiation! inhale deeply all!

i have suffered enough!

what recourse now! earthquakes soon! calderas soon! economic collapse soon!

karma loves injustice!

so mote it be!

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