NYC's marijuana march and liberation party

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Apr 30, 1999, 3:00:00 AM4/30/99
NYC's million marijuana march will form just below/south/downtown of Washington
Square Park between 11 and
1 pm, Saturday, May 1, at which time the crowds will move to broadway, turn
down town and march towards Battery Park, passing City Hall to give the Mayor
the Raspberries for his anti pot/anti methadone positions and then enjoy the
next four hours listening to music and speakers at Battery Park at the lower
tip of Manhattan.

There are a number of issues involved in this March with a history approaching
30 years. Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers smoke marijuana, possibly a
million or more. Lets recognize these people as the ritious folk they are and
get rid of dangerous marijuana prohibition laws. There is also the dispute
between the Mayor who wants a no tolerance NY and the people of this city and
the PBA whos say enough is enough, lets lay back a little and enjoy our lower
crime rates. Lets have a police force of, by and for the people.

If NYC allowed referendums, the anti marijuana laws would be history. A Dutch
style approach to marijuana in NYC would be an enormous economic boon to the
city and small mom and pop smoke shopes just it is in Amsterdam.

Join the parade and march. Join the celebration at Battery Park from 2:00 pm -
6 PM. Have a pleasant day.

Please find below a post from the Washington DC organizers of that City's MMM
march and event.
For inforamtion on the international Million Marijana March
( ) being held that day in

over a dozen cities worldwide to overcome the historical fraud on the US
Congress by which hemp/cannabis has been outlawed as marijuana (since
hemp/cannabis prohibition began in 1937 to protect financial interests in the
paper and chemical industries) and has been targeted by Federal authorities
with a cynical Drug War in which the truth has been censored from the public
and this valuable natural medicine is outlawed while the CIA has by its own
admission been complicit in smuggling cocaine and heroin into the US while
health authorities continue to stonewall legalization of the Ibogaine antidote
to addiction, <>.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in numerous States by ballot initiative
but in California police have stepped up arrests and property forfeitures to
profit the US prison/industrial complex and to fund increasing police brutality
while in Washington, DC, a misguided Congress pushed by Barr has passed
specific legislation to prohibit the counting of the vote last November to
legalize medical marijuana in which exit polls showed 70% passage. Mr. Ruppert
is scheduled to speak at 2:30PM to the "March on Washington '99" and is
expected to detail the CIA confession and to mention the need to end the
cynical war on drugs by facing the truth about the marijuana issue.

The CIA Inspector General's Report Volume 2, held secret for a year and
released to Congress one hour after impeachment procedings started,
acknowledges CIA involvement in hard drug smuggling but Congressional hearings
called for by Los Angeles Congresswoman Maxine Waters have been stalled and the
report obscured from public view, first by the impeachment process and now by
the War against Yugoslavia. (details on this report at )

Grassroots activists on Saturday have vowed to "get in Barr's face" during his
scheduled speech at 12:10 PM at the Ellipse near the White House. They will be
carrying Million Marijuana March and I-59 (DC's medical marijuana initiative)
signs at the Ellipse gathering and some patients will be provoking arrest by
ingesting medical marijuana using vaporizers recommended by the recent report
from the Institute of Medicine, the latest in a number of Federally
commissioned reports favorable to marijuana which have been

disavowed by the US Government that sponsored them. (more info at and )

The secrecy policies of our society on these issues not only contribute to
growing domestic violence and wars around the world, but by now also endanger
the future of all life on Earth due to environmental degradation from
deforestation and combustion of fossil fuels. The obscured facts clearly prove
the need for a global scale revival of the USDA 1941-45 Hemp for Victory
program for the environmental-emergency-level widespread cultivation of this
most valuable plant in human history for its superior bioefficiency to heal the
atmosphere, to save the remaining trees from deforestation, and for the overall
majority of Earth's paper, fiber, food, biofuels to replace fossil fuels,
medicines, chemical feedstocks, and

composite construction materials. The fraudulent drug policies against
hemp/cannabis/marijuana are an incidental obstacle to saving life on Earth from
increasingly devastating climate change and the ozone layer depletion
(exacerbated by reduction of oxygen levels due to fossil fuel combustion) that
threatens destruction over the next nine years of all oceanic phytoplankton
(the one-celled plants at the beginning of the oceanic foodchain that produce
over half of Earth's oxygen supply). (more info and links at ) "Never attribute to malice that which
can be adequately explained by stupidity"

The recent study by the Institute of Medicine, the IOM, concluded the
following: Marijuana does not have a high potential for abuse and has accepted
medical use in the United States, Among recreational drugs, marijuana has a
lower potential for abuse than alcohol or tobacco,
Pot is not addictive and does not serve as a gateway to hard drug abuse and,
Marijuana is especially useful in alleviating a wide range of medical
conditions, especially nausea in chemotherapy patients, the wasting syndrome of
AIDS patients and muscle spasms for people with multiple sclerosis.

Given these facts, it appears that there is no legitimate basis for
marijuana prohibition. It's time for an objective review of state and
federal marijuana laws. It's time for a change.

John Monti

Jan 27, 2016, 4:19:04 AM1/27/16
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