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Corazón Valiente

Jul 20, 2023, 12:20:59 PMJul 20
to NYC Community Composting, Corazón Valiente, Anneliese Zausner-Mannes,,, Volunteer Programs
Hi All ~
Sending a reminder for the tree care event taking place on tomorrow (7/21 Friday) from 5p to 7p. Teaming up with Nadia - neighbor on Clarkson 2. You may have seen her table of local sourced home-made vegan foods, around here in Parkside Plaza and in Park Slope.  Supported by Big Reuse and Nurture BK Compost's Anneliese and Gil for securing enough compost to address 85 trees, bringing tools for trash pick-up and for their part in working with the councilmember's office to get the funds to make this happen. 
And shoutout to Anne (neighbor I met at Q Gardens) for bringing her pole saw, hand saw, and loppers for those who want to get into some tree pruning action o7
&& shoutout thanks to Sanitation Foundation for the tool grant "The Groundskeeper Club" won earlier this year. This tool kit is also going to be helping with cleaning up tomorrow - always nice to have extra gloves, and trash bags. The kit also comes with a scale.


Confirmed yesterday, we're aiming to make this a zero waste event.~ Woot Woot 
Thus, encouraging you all to separate recycling from refuse and if there are organics (not including animal byproducts) there will be a container for that. (The handscale could come in handy here if we really wanna get into some fine details on how much was collected, sorted, etc)
Things to stay clear from - medical waste, hygiene products, things that make you queasy.

Will have light refreshments and snacks, however, you are welcomed to bring what makes you feel the best!

See you tomorrow at the corner of Clarkson and Bedford Aves
B12 Clarkson and Bedford
B41 Flatbush and Clarkson
B49 Bedford and Clarkson

Q - Parkside Ave - exit the station and walk towards Flatbush Ave, you'll see a Duane Reade on the right corner and a Popeyes on the left corner. Walk past the Dunkin Donuts across Flatbush to reach Clarkson Ave where you can make a left and walk up the block to reach Bedford Ave
B  - Church Ave - if you exit out of the Caton Av exit you can walk up St Pauls until you hit Woodruff, make a right and follow that to Flatbush where Woodruff merges into Clarkson Ave and walk up one block to reach Bedford
2/5 - Winthrop St - make a right (while facing Nostrand Av) once you exit the station and you'll walk up one block towards Clarkson Ave, make another right and walk two blocks to reach Bedford Ave


PS! just confirmed with Master Composter Admins (like the email popped up 5 minutes ago) that this session can be counted towards volunteer hours~


Corazón L. Valiente
Owner | Made with Love, DUH! LLC

From: Corazón Valiente
Sent: Wednesday, July 5, 2023 11:12 AM
To: Neighbors and Pals
Cc: Cool Agents
Subject: Clarkson 1 and 2 Tree Care event
Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds yall (my street tree care peeps) keeping cool, breathing easy and well since we last met up for tree care in January.
Wanted to invite you all to another gathering that is in the works. This will take place on July 21st from 5 to 7p on Friday.
Billed as a sober TGIF happy hour family friendly event - but not being policed if you bring your own drinks/smokes.
Some of the seeds we planted in January have come up. Several beds that were empty are now housed with baby trees and mulch.
Will also have items for street cleaning - grabbers, garbage bags, gloves, in case you want to switch out of compost and mulch application or you bring a friend who wants to do a different activity.

Flier is attached. 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you, you, you and you ~
Eventbrite link: so we can see how many people are coming through.

Corazón L. Valiente
Owner | Made with Love, DUH! LLC

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