ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT when redirecting back to application

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Cristiano Ferreira

Oct 20, 2021, 1:11:02 PM10/20/21
to nw.js
I'm using the latest version of nwjs and am getting the ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT error when redirecting back to the application from an external host.

1. On the local application I set document.location to something like ""
2. User is authenticated and the authserver redirects back to the origin
3. But since origin is something like "chrome-extension://njaggffhhdhfanfnblmndigcbccdmpbo" the nwjs doesn´t accept as a valid url and displays ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT (invalid is blocked).

So, is there any way to disable this specific error on nwjs?

thank you in advance,

Oct 25, 2021, 5:47:35 PM10/25/21
to nw.js
1) You should be able to set node-main and set error handler when your page first loads that catches error then set the url.

2)  can also look into on startup setting up a localhost webserver and connecting to that instead of chrome-extension.

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