NW.js v0.14.7 (LTS) Released

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Roger Wang

Jul 22, 2016, 5:04:58 AM7/22/16
to nwjs-g...@googlegroups.com

In LTS branch, NW.js 0.14.7 is released with all the new features and bug fixes we developed in 0.15 and 0.16. New features are:

  • Option of margin with the custom printing API
  • App.clearAppCache(manifest_url) for clearing Application Cache
  • APIs for read/write multiple types of data to clipboard

NW 0.14.x is the long term supported (LTS) version. Chromium will stay at 50 and Node.js will stay at v5.x in 0.14. The plan is to keep active development on 0.14 for at least 1 year and then keep maintenance for another year. During this period we'll fix issues in the NW part. Backporting Chromium and Node.js fixes will be considered on request. Windows XP and Mac OSX version earlier than 10.9 will be supported in 0.14.

In 2016 our release plan is to bump the major version with Chromium upstream release every 6 weeks. The stable version will keep moving with Chromium 52 in 0.16 and so on.

For more information on the new milestone 0.13 and later version, please see our blog "What's New in 0.13" for a better introduction.

ChangeLog since 0.14.6

  • Include minidump_stackwalk in Linux and OSX sdk build (#5023)
  • Added new APIs for read/write multiple types of data to clipboard (#4929)
  • Add App.clearAppCache(manifest_url) for clearing Application Cache (#4991)
  • Enable password autosaving for http auth dialog (#4966)
  • Margin option support for printer api (#5033)
  • Updated win_delay_load_hook.c to work with node...@3.4.0 (#5088)
  • Make Window.eval() and Window.evalNWBin() return result
  • Fix: "Print to PDF" in the Privew dialog broken after using nw.Window.print() (#4911)
  • Fix: [WIN] user data migration from 0.12
  • Fix: FileList object in dragover event callback is not set correctly
  • Fix: crash on JSON.stringify(window) (#4959)
  • Fix: open mini browser for links in PDF (#4915)
  • Fix: possible race condition in content verfication
  • Fix: protect package.json from hacking for content verification
  • Fix: Disabled contextual menu plug-in items on mac
  • Fix: 'loaded' event shouldn't be fired when using history API (#5001)
  • Fix: DeprecationWarning: 'root' is deprecated, use 'global' (#4938)
  • Fix: Migrate websql data from 0.12 (#5018)
  • Fix: content verficiation of package.json in Node modules
  • Fix: [Linux] foreground colors for menubar (#5007)
  • Fix: finding bundled pepper flash plugin (#5068)
  • Fix: Silent printing with win.print() for pdfs (#5002)
  • Fix: Permission Denied error when using chrome.bluetoothLowEnergy API (#5010)
  • Fix: [OSX] Choose directory dialog shows "Upload" instead of "Select" (#5058)
  • Fix: menu bar background (#4851)
  • Fix: send positions arguments to click event handler of Tray (#1874)
  • Fix: DesktopCaptureMonitor desktop stream does not get AudioTrack (#5029)
  • Fix: crash in win.showDevTools() with string id (#5061)
  • Fix: webview.clearData crash (#5087)
  • Fix: Buffer encoding handling with input from DOM elements (#5069)
  • Fix: Window resize event returns undefined for height (#4993)
  • Fix: can not remove shortcut key at menuItem (#5026)
  • Fix: win.showDevTools crash with empty string id (#5061)
  • Fix: nw is creating a file with the first command line argument it's opened with (#5097)
  • [doc] margins for Window.print()
  • [doc] changed link for FFmpeg precompiled binaries
  • [doc] dded JS file as possibility for the "main" field
  • [doc] fixed typos for docs (#5091)
  • [doc] updated Quick Start section for "Package and Distribute" (#5054)
  • [doc] Fix two errors with the fullscreen FAQ

Full changelog: https://github.com/nwjs/nw.js/blob/nw14/CHANGELOG.md


SDK build:

Binaries for other platforms: http://dl.nwjs.io/v0.14.7/

There are 2 builds for each platform - normal build, and SDK build. Normal build doesn't have devtools, only SDK build does. lt can be opened by pressing F12 (Cmd-Alt-I on OSX). SDK packages also have more development tools to be exposed in the following releases, as well as the NaCl support.

Our build infrastructure enables live binary build from git tip so you can access to the latest binary from http://dl.nwjs.io/live-build/

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