SOMTN Digi Coming to an End

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Herb Gerhardt

Jan 11, 2024, 6:50:36 PMJan 11

I have been informed by Carl Holman K7CH that he has been informed by the new Communications Manager for Green Diamond that his arrangement for his Ham Radio Site on South Mountain west of Shelton, WA has been terminated.  He needs to remove all of his equipment by the end of June 2024 or they will trash it all.  He has lots of equipment up there including a building, several towers and ham repeaters, etc. up there. 


So that will include the removal of my SOMTN APRS digipeater and my SMTN Packet digipeater.  My packet digi has been down for repairs since late last year but my APRS digipeater is fully operational.  I told him to inform me when he takes his 12 VDC power down, to just turn off my digi and let me know so that I can make arrangements to remove all of my equipment.


Very unfortunate situation but there is nothing that can be done about it.  I don’t think it will have a real big impact on our NW APRS Network as long as Bruce’s (K7IDX) digi (JUPITR) on Mount Jupiter remains on the air.  Not sure how many years that will be there as we are all getting older and the younger generation is not interested in, taking on, providing mountain top digipeaters for the Ham community to use.  I will be 80 in April; Carl is a year older than me and Bruce is two years older than me.


I will post when the power is secured to my SOMTN digipeater.


Also please change my email address in your address books from to as I have been having lots of problems with my Wavecable address since Astound bought out Wavecable and they have lots of built in Spam filters that prevent lots of email getting to me.  They basically consider most mailing lists as Spam and delete those messages.




David Dobbins

Jan 11, 2024, 7:51:19 PMJan 11
Sad to hear that news, Herb. SOMTN has been a staple of the NWAPRS network.

Dave K7GPS

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