Top Bar or Langstroth construction and operation

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Patrick Smith

May 4, 2016, 12:43:04 PM5/4/16
to NWA Beekeepers
I first want to give credit to the two gentleman (Victor and I forgot the name of the other individual... :(     ) who came and captured a swarm in my neighborhood a few weeks ago. The whole experience reignited my curiosity of bees. I cleaned hives for Dr. Steinkraus in college and fell in love with the awesome design of the comb, and the bee itself. I have been doing a ton of reading and research since then and I will dive-in, in 2017.

I assume most of you use Langstroth hives which seem to be a good idea for a beginner, but the Kenya top bar (KTBH) also seems valid (and cool). I do not have a whole lot of disposable income so I will more than likely try to construct a hive. Does anyone have experience constructing a Langstroth? or a KTBH? What about operation of the KTBH?

I will try to make it to the meeting on the 9th.
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