nvpy crashes on start in xubuntu 15.04

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Dec 19, 2015, 4:27:19 PM12/19/15
to nvpy
Trigger warning: Linux idiot having trouble with the basicswork

Please forgive my colossal ignorance I'm trying to install nvpy in Xubuntu 15.04 and I'm having mixed results: a mix of not working and I don't know WTF I'm doing.

I've followed the nvpy installation instructions faithfully and have been able to run the app once. It performed a full sync of my notes (~1100). Everything checked out perfectly when I compared 20 randomly selected notes in nvpy against the SImplenote app in my iPad and in logged in to Simplenote.com. I followed the remaining instructions to run from the desktop but I have not been able to run nvpy again. It seems to pop up and then crash immediately. In hunting for more info, I see that others have described similar issues.

I ran "apt-get install python-tk" and "apt-get install python-pip" based on this posting https://github.com/cpbotha/nvpy/issues/124 but it did nothing that I could detect to improve the situation.

My thanks in advance for any relevant information, links to a solution, etc., you can share.


Dec 19, 2015, 6:08:41 PM12/19/15
to nv...@googlegroups.com
Sorry to read you're having trouble. I won't be much help - I'm pretty much a techno-numpty. I did wonder if the app has somehow got corrupted. Is it worth deleting it and re-installing? (You don't want to hear this, but it's working fine for me).

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Charl P. Botha

Dec 21, 2015, 4:03:36 AM12/21/15
to nv...@googlegroups.com
1. Please try starting nvpy from the command-line, and check for any error output in that terminal.

2. If the above does not help, take a look at the last few lines of ~/.nvpy/nvpy.log for any clues.

Hopefully between the two points above, we can figure out why your nvpy keeps on crashing right after startup.

See you,

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