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Oct 7, 2022, 2:04:57 AM10/7/22
Subject: gaslight comments 10/05/22

Original Article- September 27, 2022

gaslighting Syndrome- True Story of Abuse

Response to above Article-

Dr Joseph Arabasz MD

Part I/II

Good Work Medscape

     Odd that the original British stage presentation of "gaslight" was presented about 1938, which was only about a year after dr. freud was deported from Vienna to the UK;

dr. freud died the year after that, by assisted suicide, botched as it was, which reportedly required a second dose of narcotic that evening;

Then the UK movie, "gaslight" was released a few years later, with the US presentation 1944;

As the exact structures of the Essential B Vitamines had finally been discovered about 1936, only then could correct synthetic compounds could be made;

Apparently, that was completed and surprisingly, some realized how the fatigue:depression::dementia:psychosis spectrum of disease processes and others were Cured;

Now, as a parallel situation, the CURE for the CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and covid long haul has been discovered by European Researchers but apparently funding has been stalled, diverted for Research to a different organ system and the new compound isn't being released to the Market;

Opinion is that some characters don't want to Cure the fatigue spectrum of diseases

The original use of today's new compound was for Patients with glaucoma, and it had good results;

Serendipitously, the glaucoma Patients who had the CFS or covid long haul reported essentially complete resolution of those fatigue spectrum of diseases;

Reportedly, the single 1350mg dose of the new compound with NS IV over about an hour had terrific results and didn't have any complications, even after observation for several days as hospitalized Patients;


Joseph W Arabasz MD

There isn't any conflict of interest

Dr Joseph Arabasz MD

There was apparently only slight elevation of some clotting tests, PTT etc, when the dose was elevated to 1600mg of the new compound, which normalized;

Some are of the opinion that hegemony is often very expensive;

Specifically, had the nazis terminated freud and openly Published the results of how Essential B Vitamines Cured several illnesses which really had been medical misadventures for many decades, some are of the opinion that the second WW could have been avoided, since the German debt from the first WW of $25 Billion marks could have been paid off with their new Medical Scientific Discovery of how Vitamine replacement, when deficient, could Cure some diseases at expensive but necessary German Private Clinics;

(or perhaps that had been a typo, and WWI reparations might really have been $25 Trillion US and some felt that couldn't ever be paid off)

("Trillion is a number with a pair of distinct definitions-

1,000,000,000,000, i.e. one million million, or 10 12th (ten to the twelfth power), as defined on the short scale. This is now the meaning in both American and British English;

1,000,000,000,000,000,000, i.e. 10 18th (ten to the eighteenth power), as defined on the long scale. This is one million times larger than the short scale trillion. This is the historical meaning in English and the current use in many non-English-speaking countries where trillion and billion 10 12th (ten to the twelfth power) maintain their long scale definitions;)


Joseph W Arabasz MD

There isn't any conflict of interest

Dr Joseph Arabasz MD
Final Part III/III

Some are of the opinion, that the philosophical corollary of Dr Axelrod's "Evolution of Cooperation" (which appears to be the opposite of hegemony) is that scamming, while pretending to cooperate always ends with extinction of the etc;

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Dr. Axelrod is a member of the American National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His honors include a Foundation Fellowship for the period 1987 through 1992;

And, now with dr. egas moniz md deceased and his management style criticized, somebody has to pay the Piper;

Reckon these are very serious matters which should be discussed and the conartists are probably the most upset


Joseph W Arabasz MD

There isn't any conflict of interest


     Sequence of events- 1930s

Structures of Essential B Vitamines discovered and synthesized 1936, 

nazis deport dr. sigismund schlomo freud (May 6, 1856-September 23, 1939) after that, on June 6, 1938 from Vienna,

then Drs Schur and Stross administered the final morphine doses on September 23, 1939 at midnight, per freud's previous request


1944 Movie Clip, Puppy Chiquita upset daily.mp4
dr. sigismund schlomo freud (May 6, 1856-September 23, 1939).jpg
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