Terminating advance-fee & nigerian 419 scams

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Joseph Arabasz MD

Jan 26, 2021, 2:54:54 PM1/26/21
Subject- Terminating advance-fee & nigerian 419 scams

Caucasian Lives Matter

Dear Topica et al,
                                   I hope this note finds You well

     Apparently, some political type conartists have offered blacks $200,000 each for slavery reparations
With that population at 15-20% of the US, that would mean ~ 45 Million recipients for a total of about $12,000,000,000,000.00


african posting regarding slavery reparations-
"In 2009, the Civil Rights Congress of nigeria has written an open letter to all african chieftains who participated in trade calling for an apology for their role in the Atlantic slavery business "We cannot continue to blame the white men, as africans, particularly the traditional rulers, aren't without blame. In view of the fact that the Americans and Europe have accepted the cruelty of their roles and have forcefully apologized, it would be logical, reasonable and humbling if african traditional rulers accept blame and formally apologize to the descendants of the victims of their collaborative and exploitative slavery


Peter Binose
Self appointed keeper

"An advance-fee scam is a premeditated crime and one of the most common types of confidence tricks. The financial sociopathy typically involves promising the victim a significant portion of a large sum of money, in return for a small up-front payment, which the scammer requires in order to obtain the large sum
If a victim makes the payment, the conartist either invents a series of further fees for the victim or simply disappears.

"nigerian scams involve someone overseas offering you large sums of money or payments on the condition you transfer money from their country

"these scams originated in nigeria

but there appears to be Stateside co-conspirators and sympathizers with surveillance scams who feed victims to the nigerian scammers

"The scammer will tell you an elaborate story about large amounts of their money trapped in banks with events such as wars or coups, often in countries currently in the news. Or they may tell you about a large sum that is 'difficult to access' because of government restrictions or taxes at their country. The scammer will then offer you a large profit to transfer their personal fortune

"These scams are often known as 'nigerian 419' scams

"The '419' part of the name comes from the section of nigeria’s Criminal Code which outlaws the practice. These scams now happen from anywhere


"The nigerian government is not sympathetic to victims of these schemes, since the victim actually conspires to remove funds from nigeria in a manner that is contrary to nigerian law. The schemes themselves violate section 419 of the nigerian criminal code


     While it has been described that over 90% of black violence is against other africans, appears that the nigerian ripoff scams, if the reported testimonials are correct, affect mostly Caucasians

     That would make both the violent and monetary sociopathic types of those extreme management styles aptly described as racist

"nigerians are particularly worried that the scams might hamper recognition of the country's entrepreneurs, and the granting of visas to those with legitimate business interests in the US

"at home in your PJs and slippers with a laptop, and you can actually ripoff financial entities, he said


"When nigerians first attained notoriety in the 1990s for defrauding Westerners of millions of dollars, the scams became known as 419 after the section of the nigerian penal code which tackles such crimes.

nigerians, who are generally religious, also linked the aptness of this number to the Book of Psalms, chapter 41 and verse 9 (41:9), which seems to describe the typical advance fee scam- "Yea, mine own familiar friend, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted his foot against me

These days, the scams which are conducted mostly online, with email and messaging apps, are often referred to as

They are usually romance scams which have been referred to as "modern-day ripoffs
"The first group of nigerian 419 scammers were mostly uneducated criminals.

The next group comprised immature, educated men who were frustrated by the lack of formal jobs in an economy ruined by a series of military dictatorships and years of mismanagement.

They noticed the uneducated scammers accumulating wealth and esteem, and decided to join them.

After that followed a batch that simply admired the scammers.


     While it has been said that there are good and bad of all groups- gangs, genomes etc, those which don't advance on their own merit through the agricultural, industrial, technocratic &c revolutions, end up usually parasitic at immense expense
     Appears that some cultures have selected violence over Academic Achievement

     Unfortunate that most minorities form gangs usually for financial reasons, etc that eventually become bully entities with bad, expensive management styles


Appendix A:  Typical Bell Curve Distributions Showing Standard Deviations

The following is a chart showing a typical bell curve distribution and standard deviations.

" For IQs, white IQ scores have a median of 103 points with a standard deviation of about 15 points. From the chart above, whites with an IQ of 130 or above (greater than 2 standard deviations) is about 2.2% of the population.

For black populations in the USA, their IQ scores have a mean of 85 points with a standard deviation estimated at 13 points.  The number of blacks with an IQ greater than 130 is some 3.3 standard deviations or less than 0.1% of that population.  In fact there are 50 times fewer blacks with gifted IQs (>130) than whites statistically.

It's estimated that sub-Saharan populations have IQs under 75, but there are 'cultural' and language differences for this group. I suspect that those IQ estimates of 75 would be way too high.


Regarding IQ scores, the median of the black score distribution is 85 or about 1.1 standard deviations lower than the white average of 100.

You can't blame "culture" either as the 1.1 standard deviation holds up even when comparing scores of blacks and whites vs income or education.  (See Appendix B).  Test scores go up for all groups with income or education level--but still maintaining the 1.1 standard deviation gap.  Besides, cultural differences usually mean a difference in native language which is not the case in the US.

The most striking things about this situation follows:
  1. If your IQ is 85 or less, you would be expected to qualify for fairly menial jobs with low skills.  This group is half of the US black population.  Sure enough, half of all black high school students drop-out ensuring themselves of limited opportunities.  These people have been filled with false expectations by the media and government and blame others for their predicament.  They have an idea that they are victims of whites which is a dangerous situation. Their predicament is not really anyone's fault, but their poverty, criminality and cultural collapse is a reality.  
  2. With the distribution above, perhaps 12% of blacks are technically "mentally retarded"


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