031023 5 28pm Terminate sociopathy of severe male pattern balding scammer who confessed he caused all the problems

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Joseph Arabasz MD

Apr 29, 2023, 6:04:02 PM4/29/23
Subject: 031023 5 28pm Terminate sociopathy of severe male pattern balding scammer who confessed he caused all the fey scamming, etc problems as he's possibly doppelganger of mr J h moyer &c, who is apparently the self proclaimed gay hair dresser from ~2012, Littleton, CO 80127 who possibly used food toxins as he and blond bimbo, ms. tani, wanted to prepare communal meals

     Procedural note- all references to terminating conartist, scamming, nigerian 419 prepay, bunco etc sociopathy refers specifically to the techniques and criminal management styles of perps 
     There are other, bully types of entities where some types of characters use different sorts of management styles, such as the bragging rights scam
     eg, when the Professor says that, "You don't have to take the final exam for this course, since you have your A grade and would only disrupt the curve" which sounded very unusual
     it sounded very odd, ignored that comment and took the final, getting the high grade
     Then, while viewed the test scores and overall grades as they had been taped to his office entrance, some person from the same course approached 
      Nonchalantly, he said, as if that apparent scam worked before, "If You hadn't taken the final exam for that course, then I would have had the highest overall score"
      While some things are happenstance or simply matters of ego, jealousy, &c, one always might wonder if there was some kick back where the dark featured character perhaps provided Professor Ivan with an offer he couldn't refuse
       There are obviously, multitudes of combinations where sociopaths scam with other dark sided, ie illegal, gangs to preserve their own possibly narcissistic borderline personality endeavors
        Really eventually doesn't matter if those sorts of often verbal, or symbolic, situational or configuration scams are drowned, diluted beyond recognition by noise of others or simply disappear, as they usually represent immature distractions
        But the bully thought process tries to say that, "silence lends consent" which it doesn't, as they attempt to force conversations, etc, often feline angling for unknown reasons but often seen where they had been trying to obnoxiously forcing issues, "attempting to find what those 'systems' are about"
        Should other immature, criminally psychotic scammers attempt to aid active sociopaths, often the bunco prosecutor's terminology is used
         That particular metaphorical terminology used when terminating sociopathic scamming, is that the heads of the perp and the gang leader are wanted on the table and their hides on the wall, as their management style is described
          That is very purposeful and specific rhetoric, which identifies the perp and his gang, then tells them that termination of his sociopathy is non-negotiable

Dear Topica,
                                                                                                                                                                                          I hope this note finds You well

     Was surprised to see that some luggage item was damaged at the attack of 02/27/23, which caused delay while starting to travel at the end of last week

     Tight schedule required some things to be put off for another day

Odd monkey business, nigerian 419 threats when finally getting on the road
     Surprising that even with extensive surveillance scams, eg "we know how many dollars You have" or sotto voice comments about emails before they have been sent online, and their apparent use of drugs such as meth or cocaine to be "fast" conartists, the apparent recurrent scammers appear to be only shallow, manic, narcissistic borderline personality disorder, criminally psychotic sociopaths with delusions of grandeur
      their threats about obtaining for them new debit card loaded with funds or "something bad is gonna happen" makes them person non grata
      There have been occasions where abusive sociopaths scam at public places, and street wise strangers have even told them that "you shouldn't mess with that guy"

     While there had been some unusual scammers seen while traveling, some of the most obvious had been the severe male pattern balding type wise guy who was possible doppelganger of the apparent criminally psychotic bully conartist as he scammed with chubby blond bimbo, tani, at the new rental of south denver, approximately 2012
     she appeared to be doppelganger of ms. carol veer, the crotch grabber from St killian's grammar school

     While obtaining groceries, the sociopathic severe male pattern balding wise guy attempted to fey scam for several minutes
     Apparently that severe male pattern balding wise guy is always fey
     he is bad for productivity and apparently taints food
     Should prevent him from any kitchen preparation of meals, and same for mr. jim f donaldson esq jd and doppelganger types at the masonic consistory luncheons, as ikey said that afternoon, "we harass those from the east coast or they would be lots of them here" which is the mantra of the greedy, non-competitive units who apparently use toxins, as acute dysentery occurred, about 1994

     Should terminate those scams with extreme prejudice as Rumor of usual Bounty to end that sociopathy is on their heads from several Billion People and they want their hides on the wall
      Avoid bargaining with those sorts of scammers, as ending their sociopathy is non-negotiable
     There had been several unusual happenings at that store where the nigerian 419 conartist attempted to extort the new debit card, as fat, dark black, nigerian 419 female retail clerk at the register made ignorant, false accusations as she is persona non grata, and is being ostracized, shunned 
     her comment had been, after brief conversation with other older female customer who enlisted her to scam, was, "You Caucasians don't decide things about this Country anymore"
     Presumed that her IQ was under 70 and her mental retardation was due to fragile x syndrome
     she should be terminated with extreme prejudice and is unemployable this Country since appears to be some sort of racist retarded person who attempted to fey scam at the register
     Previously, unknown, scamming wise guy on southbound bus threatened and bragged that he would continue scamming, possibly until he died, as apparently his type doesn't respond to Reason

     Other dark black harassment had to do with spook, startle scamming of some official female business visitor, saying to the effect, "If You do anything for Him, I'll drive somebody crazy" 
     When mentioned that experience to the probable dark black female employer of that threatening scammer, her comment was, "he's only attempting to force You to play my game"

     Have always refused to take hits for anybody or pay for their scams

Best wishes always
Thank you for your assistance with this matter



031023 5 28pmTerminate the scamming, severe male pattern balding stalker doppelgagner of mr J h moyer sociopathy etc, who confessed he caused all the problems and attempted to recruit for his fey scams of others.jpg
031023 4 43pm Terminate loud, taunting, threatening recurrent bully sociopathy on S Colo Blvd#6566.jpg
040423 6 47pm Terminate stanley, etc, bully set up scams.jpg
112820 3 26 pm Terminate both scammers sociopathy at store, customer & employee.jpeg
112820 3 37pm Terminate apparent psychotic female clerk sociopathy who said, 'Caucasians don't decide things about this Country anymore'.jpg
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