10/01/22 4 09pm Terminate left handed, apparently criminally psychotic, blondish type scum, scamming security guard employment at capitol hill grocery, 1155 e 9th Ave, Denver 80218

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Oct 6, 2022, 11:51:32 PM10/6/22
Subject: 10/01/22 4 09pm Terminate left handed, criminally psychotic, blondish type scum, scamming security guard employment at KSoopers grocery, 1155 e 9th Ave, Denver 80218
Dear Topica,
                                                                                                                                                                  I hope this note finds You well

     Was surprised when scammed and disrespected by idiot, apparently criminally psychotic, left handed, arrogant security guard with odd hair trim of both temporal sides of the scalp, at KSoopers Grocery Store at the capitol hill area of denver, 1155 east 9th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

     There had been dozens of others with sacks of all sizes who entered that store as the retarded security guard prevented entrance, saying that must place my backpack, etc at the entrance area for him to "guard"
     he was obviously scamming, saying that there had been some sort of "pipe bomb threat" received elsewhere, possibly at a different city that same day, and that was why he wouldn't allow entrance to that store

     Could always see when he exaggerated when his lips moved.

     Unusual that the dark black security guard recently, at the Denver Midtown Medical Clinic, attempted the same scam, as part of a nigerian 419 abuse sociopathy with his african buddies who loitered about the corner about a block away several weeks back
     Perhaps they became upset when told later, since they were scum scammers attempting to abuse from positions of authority, that they are persona non grata

Only other retarded fools who would do that sort of scamming would be the "blondish" haired, nazi type retarded fey, ex-army, psy-ops, gaslighting scammer, grunt graham w hoffman, the idiot of the universe freud scammer

     odd how retarded wise guy bully scammers trim their hair with unusual patterns, perhaps en route to becoming pseudo-skinheads saying they don't want to be cuckholded
     That particular scamming security guard had severely trimmed his temporal areas on each side of his head
Appears that he is on his way to possibly join the dirty skinhead gangs, where he earns his bones by performing criminally psychotic, sociopathic tricks on others.

     mr. dick bourie was the apparently severe male pattern balding type dirty security guard who scammed with the "blond-pink" haired female librarian at the medical library several years back, about 1999, as he made the most unusual statement

     Several years after that the fat, caucasian, retarded, pseudo blond-pinked haired xray technician at South Denver Medical Clinic spook scammed and threatened with radiation poisoning sociopathy, saying she would hurt the Auditory Service Animal Puppy Chiquita who only weighed 4lbs 12oz

     odd that different skin head, criminally psychotic security guard taunted saying that "they said couldn't falsely arrest You" at the CU Denver College registrations area, when signing up for courses, possibly about 2005
     Immediately, his buddy security guard told him that this guy, "isn't doing anything wrong- He's only registers for a course"

     But the idiot scum, skinhead dirty security guard caused the false arrest scenario

     Rumor is that there is Bounty of $90,000+ by several Billion People who want the heads of those dirty security guard and his gang, possibly doppelgangers, on a platter and their hides on the wall, as they apparently signed their organ donor cards as DNR
     they are persona non grata, should leave town
their gang sociopathy should be terminated with extreme prejudice as they are unemployable this Country

     Then years later, he, or his skinhead doppelganger, admitted that he erred, and was some sort of stupid fool, scamming with the false arrest scenario
     Said he would make that up to You, but is only some sort of idiot bully with delusions of grandeur

Sane People don't accept scam deals from retarded skin head, security guard scum, as he is now and forever persona non grata

     Have been of the opinion that the delusional nigerian 419 retarded scammers, who say that the gorillas at the Cheyanne Mountain Zoo, Roxie and Ju, are their mothers, want to cooperate with that wise guy gang sociopathy whose perps apparently only have median IQ of 70

     Chicago speak is that there isn't any such thing as coincidence

     Those sorts of delusional nazi-freud gaslight scammers are always persona non grata and could easily be terminated for their management styles

     Have heard Rumor about Bounty on their heads by several Billion People who want their hides on the wall

Best wishes always

Thank you for your assistance with this matter


Joseph W Arabasz MD
S/P USAF, Top Secret 1964-69
University of Colorado at Boulder 1972, CU School of Medicine '75, '77, '83
Past Division Chairman, Anesthesiology, Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
Past Chairman, Respiratory Therapy, Cook County Hospital, Chicago
Diplomate ABA
Sigma Xi, The Professional Science Research Society
PO Box 6939
Denver, CO 80206


ex-army psy-ops scammer mr. graham hoffman 

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