mr. david m dinsmore dds recurrent problems

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Sep 29, 2022, 11:09:53 PM9/29/22
Subject: recurrent problems with mr. david m dinsmore dds

Dear Topica,
                                                                                                                                                                    I hope this note finds You well

     the apparently criminally psychotic mr. david m dinsmore dds has been disrespectful and negligent from the beginning

his comment on our meeting was that he recognized the scam, that it was his group, and he wasn't paying for it

Sounded very sociopathic

david m dinsmore dds said he was greek, as he possibly referred to his gang, since that name appears to be from elsewhere, which implies he scams with his mother

On different meetings at that office, dinsmore brought over some black guy, possible employee there, who was at that office, 200 York St, Denver 80206, saying to him, "See, ruined his teeth for you"

Few minutes before, the same pleasant black guy had approached saying something to the effect of- this shouldn't have happened to You

Had several visits with dinsmore and he must have drilled unnecessary hole the front most tooth- there wasn't any reason to do that

Over year later, saw a hole had obviously been drilled at his office on that tooth which had previous work completed on it by different Person several years back

david m dinsmore dds is very evil

     he attempted referral to other dentist with his "comfort dental" group for extraction of molar tooth, saying, to the effect- "Perhaps they'll whack you

     he was referral, but they don't ever answer their phone, as attempted to find other dentists and have avoided dinsmore, for obvious reasons

Now, this evening that same tooth which didn't have any cavities, fractured where dinsmore drilled unnecessarily

Rumor heard is that there is Bounty of $90,000+ on the head of david m dinsmore dds at
Comfort Dental
201 University Blvd Ste 101, Denver, CO 80206

by several Billion People and they want his hide on the wall, as he is persona non-grata

david m dinsmore dds should be jailed at Leavenworth

david m dinsmore
3414 W 149th Ct
Broomfield, CO 80023-9415

Best wishes always

Thank you for your assistance with this matter



Comfort Dental
201 University Blvd Ste 101, Denver, CO 80206


from previous notes about dinsmore-

061721   7 05pm

Mentioned the david m dinsmore dds problem (scrooge-mediterranean greek) and a few minutes later, somebody attemped to unlock the door to this apartment

Have a bungler burglar device which made noise

Then the comment was made somewhat loudly as a subliminal message, "he was one of ours."


There is some sort of sociopathic dentist by the name of David dinsmore who said all the sociopathy was his system (scrooge and mediterranean greek), and he refuses to pay for any of it-

David M dinsmore dds   DEN.00006077 Active      INDIVIDUAL;

he is disrespectful, has drilled some normal tooth to cause problems; he is at Second Ave and University Blvd 80206, Denver


david m dinsmore dds   DEN.00006077 Active      INDIVIDUAL  lafayette   CO    80026

License Number    License Method    License Type      License Status    Original Issue Date     Effective Date    Expiration Date
DEN.00006077      Examination Dentist     Active      03/19/1986  03/01/2018  02/29/2020
Board/Program Actions


I initially saw Dr. Dinsmore when he worked at the Lakewood Comfort Dental office and he redid the crowns on my two front teeth. The result of this procedure did turn out well and my experience was pleasant. However, I felt compelled to warn others about my second encounter with him at the Cherry Creek Comfort Dental office. I do wish to mention that all of the Cherry Creek Comfort Dental staff, with the exception of Dr. Dinsmore, were very conscientious and caring. The reason for my second visit was to set a crown on a lower molar. During the process of setting the crown, the enamel in the center was completely removed in a small area, exposing the underlying metal. Although this was obviously an issue and I addressed it with the doctor, I was rather forcefully “convinced” that it would not be a problem, as it was in the back of my mouth. In retrospect, it is my feeling that this was simply to avoid their cost of replacing the crown. In addition, the attitude I received from Dr. Dinsmore seemed to reflect a smug disregard for my wellbeing and an ideal end result. I have never left a negative review for any service provider before, but due to the unpleasant nature of this experience, I felt obligated to inform others


After being with - different dentist -

for many years, this new dentist and staff are truly a disappointment. We are surprised that

 recommneded him so highly. I have never seen such upselling, to myself and two people I recommended to

different person's     care years ago. Despite my records showing differently, I all of a sudden have needs for special cleanings and various other "add-ons"... The hygenists were speaking very ill of the front desk staff while I was lying there... sooo professional. The whole thing felt like nothing about my health, but instead what they could take me for... A friend had the IDENTICAL experience the same week and called me to share - but I had intentionally not mentioned anything of my experience. A week later, another friend, and a phone call about being upsold for special cleanings and whitening. Done. I could go on and on about inappropriate comments and questions by the dental team, but I've said enough. I never post to these things but felt I needed to warn people, especially former patients of  
previous dentist

 Very disappointing.
About Hygienist: Awful.

I know this doctor: 6 months


I went one time and felt patronized by both the receptionist "Tish" and Dr. Dinsmore. They gave me at least 5 injections to numb my mouth but the teeth cleaning was painful still. My face didn't function the rest of the day. Dr. Dinsmore also made me sit through an education session that I didn'ts care about. Both my wife and I left and won't go back. Also, when I tried to cancel our appointments "Tish" pretty much bullied me and then begged for a reason why. Seems like this may happen a lot here??
About Hygienist: Dr. Dinsmore


This is a dentist who is simply trying to expand his practice as quickly as possible. I've never needed a "deep clean" and he tried to convince me that I'd need to do it every three months for the rest of my life. WHAT?? He also tried to convince me (while I was in the patient chair) that I should get two additional fillings than what we talked about because I was already numb. I asked him if they were cavities, he said no but I should fill them anyway. ???? I didn't like it at all. I felt like he was trying to sell me a used car. Don't go here they are just trying to make a quick buck and don't give a rip about your teeth. When I called to cancel the receptionist "Tish" gave me a difficult time. DO NOT GO HERE>


Horrible experiences!! This doctor is not particularly skilled given the multiple problems that I have had -- infections, losing a crown, incorrect diagnosis, etc. Avoid Dinsmore and his practice!!
About Hygienist: The dental assistants are not well trained, which is unfortunate as they provide most of the dental work.


The results are average. Two crowns against each other that he put in place have more gap in between that I would like to have. The pain management was not very successful, with three attempts to inject pain medication before it actually would work.
I know this doctor: 6 months


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