Version 2.0 of the TestCentric GUI

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Charlie Poole

Jun 30, 2021, 10:24:22 PM6/30/21
to nunit-developer, NUnit-Discuss
Hi All,

I just put out the first alpha  release. As a major upgrade from 1.x to 2.x, this has a number of breaking changes as well as new features. The main changes are summarized here...

The 2.0.0 release is the first major upgrade of the TestCentric Gui.
It includes a number of breaking changes as well as new features.

Significant Gui Changes

 * A new Select Agents menu allows the user to choose a non-default
   agent when more than one is available for a particular assembly. Users are
   now encouraged to think in terms of agents rather than specific settings.

 * The ProcessModel and DomainUsage menus have been eliminated.

Significant Engine Changes

 * In-process execution of tests and the ProcessModel package setting
   are no longer supported. Each test assembly is now run in its own
   separate process.

 * The DomainUsage package setting is no longer supported. The runner
   itself decides whether an AppDomain should  be used when running
   on a particular platform.

 * All test execution is now performed by agents, which are usually
   separate local processes. Agent selection may be automatic or
   user-specified using a package setting.
 * It is now possible to create "pluggable agents" by use of a new
   engine extension point. Currently, this capability is limited to
   local process agents, but it is intended to be extended to other
   agent types in the future.

 * Services are now initialized when they are first accessed through
   the service context rather than at startup.

 * There is no longer a .NET Standard build of the engine.

 * The metadata assembly is now a separate package, which is used
   by the engine.

 * X86 builds of .Net Core agents are no longer provided, since
   they are not needed.

Lots of smaller changes and bug fixes as well. It's a big release, so I expect this to go through several alpha stages before going to beta and final release.

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