LTI woes -- Canvas and Numbas don't get along

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Aug 21, 2021, 12:51:51 PMAug 21
to Numbas Users
Hi,  Our LMS is Canvas and we have Numbas LTI server setup for Canvas.  I have used this set up for a few semesters without any problems.  This semester there is a problem with the results of exams getting posted back in our LMS, Canvas.

The exams themselves work, students are able to complete them.  However, their marks are not getting recorded in Canvas correctly.  Sometimes a score of zero gets recorded,  and sometimes the recorded score is one mark short, i.e. if a student scored 9, it gets recorded as 8.

Any ideas?

Thank you, Dileep

Christian Lawson-Perfect

Sep 7, 2021, 8:38:39 AMSep 7
For everyone else's benefit: I had a video call with Dileep and a colleague, and we found out there was a timing issue when scores are set to be reported immediately after they change. I made a small change, and tagged v2.13.3 of the LTI provider. If you can't upgrade yet, then this is resolved by clicking the "Report scores back to the VLE" button on the resource dashboard.

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