Can variables be shared between questions? Can menu numbers be changed?

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adelle colbourn

Sep 9, 2021, 7:37:40 PMSep 9
to Numbas Users


I am writing questions for a timed practice test to help students to prepare for the LANTITE test in Australia (for Teacher Education students). I hope to emulate the format of the actual test as much as possible. The questions in it are numbered 1, 2, 3 etc with no part a), b) etc within each question. Sometimes a stimulus (which might be a table, chart, other image or paragraph of text) is used in several questions. The stimulus appears above the first question, then the second and subsequent questions are immediately below the first question. For example q8,9  q17,18  q34,35  q64,65 in the attached file.

Some of my numbas questions that share stimulus material include randomised variables. I am hoping to find a way to implement these questions. If I put all of the questions for a given stimulus into parts within one question, and label the parts as Question 1, 2, 3, then they will all have access to the same variable values BUT they will appear as only one question on the left hand side menu of the sequential mode test. So question 4 will then appear as question 2 on the left. 

If I put the questions each in a separate question, then I need some way of sharing variable values between the questions, so that students see the identical stimulus each time in each of the related questions.

So, can a variable value be shared between questions? Alternatively, is there some way of changing the numbering system of the question menu on the left hand side, so that I could have the first question labelled as Questions 1 - 3 (or a name relating to the stimulus topic), then the second question labelled Question 4 (for example)? This is actually my preferred option as it is closer to the LANTITE format.




Christian Lawson-Perfect

Sep 16, 2021, 7:29:38 AMSep 16
Hi Adelle,
No, variable values can't be shared between questions.
I like the idea of changing how questions are named in sequential mode. You can do this in menu mode, but really I should have made it possible in sequential mode too. I've made an issue on GitHub:

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