Hybrid exchange Autodiscover question

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Jonathan Raper

Sep 15, 2022, 8:59:52 PM9/15/22
to ntexc...@googlegroups.com

I’m preparing to point internal Autodiscover record to Autodiscover.outlook.com, as all mailboxes are now in 365. Two 2010 server and two 2016 servers, and we’re doing everything we can to get rid of the 2010s…

In looking at DNS, I also see an SRV record for _autodiscover

For the life of me, it’s been so long since I have done this….what do I do with that record?

Also, the internal service URIs on each of the servers….those should be nulled out once the dns record is updated, right?



Michael B. Smith

Sep 16, 2022, 3:43:02 PM9/16/22
to ntexc...@googlegroups.com

That’s your SCP. What does it point to? O365 doesn’t use it, but if you still have internal mailboxes, they might need it.


(I know you said “all mailboxes are now in 365”, but in my experience that’s often not EVERYTHING.)


In re: internal service URIs… yes.





Michael B. Smith

Managing Consultant

Smith Consulting, LLC

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Jonathan Raper

Sep 16, 2022, 4:39:24 PM9/16/22
to ntexc...@googlegroups.com

Yeah, the SRV pointed directly to the 2010 servers. We went ahead and created a new CNAME record and deleted the SRV, and so far all is well.

I can definitively confirm that all mailboxes are in 365. We’re about to decom the 2010 servers. Now we’re just dealing with SMTP relay that is still going through the 2010 servers. As soon as we get those dealt with, then we can move forward with the decom.



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