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Peter Neave

Aug 17, 2022, 7:47:04 AMAug 17
to NSubstitute
I've been having issues with setting up Args.Any<IEnumerable<string>>() in my substitute. Check out this example (I wrote it by hand - so the syntax might not be exactly correct).

I want to substitute this method `DoSomethingAsync`
_subClient.DoSomethingAsync(string query, IEnumerable<string> returnFields);

This doesn't work - for some reason it's not recognising an string array as an IEnumerable<string>
_subClient.DoSomethingAsync("Test", Any.Args<string[]>()).Returns(Task.FromResult(results));
var response = await _subClient.DoSomethingAsync("Test", new string[]{"id","name"});

If I remove it then it matches up and returns the value that I'm expecting.
var response = await _subClient.DoSomethingAsync("Test");

I've tried using a List<string> and returning .AsEnumerable() but that didn't work ether.

What am I doing wrong?

Aug 17, 2022, 10:21:34 AMAug 17
to NSubstitute
Have you tried this way?

_subClient.DoSomethingAsync("Test", Any.Args<IEnumerable<string>>()).Returns(Task.FromResult(results)); 

Peter Neave

Aug 17, 2022, 7:18:26 PMAug 17
Yes, I have. Going to a string array was out of desperation.

I just tried this code
_subBoxClient.SearchManager.QueryAsync(query: "Test", fields: Arg.Any<IEnumerable<string>>()).Returns(Task.FromResult(results));
IEnumerable<string> fields = new List<string>{ "id" };
var u = await _subBoxClient.SearchManager.QueryAsync(query: "Test", fields: fields.AsEnumerable<string>());

The variable 'u' is still null. If I remove the 'fields' (which has a default of null btw) parameter then it returns what I expect.

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