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Tubular Skylights| Manufacturers and Suppliers tubular daylighting systems

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Apr 4, 2017, 5:25:21 AM4/4/17

The company Skyshade daylights was manufacturing of the product LIGHTPIPE™ Tubular Daylighting System, Norikool ADS™, Anshu™, Skyshelves™. Lightpipe™ is an innovative technology for daylight transportation and Energy efficiency. This tubular skylights(daylighting system) can capture ambient Sunlight when mounted on roof top or side wall of the buildings. The collected light is ‘piped’ through pipes or ducts to longer distance up to 12 metre(40 feet). The transported light is delivered to the end light diffuser into the space. The light coming out of light diffuser is refreshingly without heat or glare.
• Well suited for all industrial buildings & warehouses
• Uniform Daylighting 8-10 hrs. /day
• Reduction of Energy usage
• Zero maintenance
• No heat transfer
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