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SLP failing with policy based routing enabled

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Tony Kwok

Jan 8, 2004, 3:29:42 PM1/8/04
We are using Cisco 5500 RSM and Netware 6.0sp3 with IP and IPX bound.

When we boot a DOS IP only Client32 boot disk, SLP works properly when
policy based routing is NOT enabled. When policy based routing is enabled,
SLP fails and therefore, a Netware server is not found to authenticate
against. Windows clients are fine. This only happens with DOS IP only
Client32 booting. We've done packet captures proofing that the DA does not
respond with policy based routing enabled. We don't know what the
connection is with policy based routing enabled that seems to disable SLP
multicast and unicast packets.

Any ideas?

Marcel Cox

Jan 9, 2004, 11:21:21 AM1/9/04
Well, officially, running the DOS client with IP is not supported, and
especially the SLP part of it is not guaranteed to work correctly. If
you use client32 with IP for booting, I suggest you specify the servers
by IP address in the configuration files. That's the only reliable way
to always be able to locate your server.

Marcel Cox (using XanaNews

Tony Kwok

Jan 9, 2004, 3:45:13 PM1/9/04
What I find is if I specify the IP address, the server is always found. You
can authenticate and map drives using IP addresses, but for some reason, it
makes the drive mappings unstable. They get dropped or sometimes cannot
connect. I do not have this problem when SLP is working.


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