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Cant connect to a server

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Jan 21, 2004, 5:12:07 PM1/21/04
when logout from a session in nw 5 server and try to reconect,other
server respond, I'm using DOS client, all the clients have the preferred
server instruction.

Do you have any idea?

Barry St.John

Jan 22, 2004, 12:38:12 PM1/22/04
If you are using the DOS LOGIN.EXE (not Win3x LOGINW31.EXE or
LOGINW32.EXE) then you can specify the desired servername on the LOGIN

LOGIN server/user

PREFERRED SERVER does not guarantee that the server you request will be
the one that responds, and when using PREFERRED TREE and NAME CONTEXT,
PREFERRED SERVER is virtually ignored.

Additionally, if using IPX on your server and clients, you can SET
REPLY TO GET NEAREST SERVER=OFF on the servers that you do not want to
be the preferred server. This will prevent these servers from replying
when the client sends out a request for Get Nearest Server. If you are
using IP for your clients and servers, then this setting will have no
real effect.

Also, if you are using IP and eventhough you specify the servername on
the LOGIN commandline, the desired server is not used, try using the
server's IP address instead of the name:


Along that same line, you can use the server's IP address for the
PREFERRED SERVER setting in NET.CFG, provided you do not also use

-Barry. [Novell Support Forum SysOp]

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