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Time Sync on DOS machines

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Ted Stout

Nov 4, 2003, 10:15:48 AM11/4/03
I have 15 DOS PC's on the shop floor of a manufacturing company. I need to
figure out a way for my Novell (6.0 w/ SP3) server to sync time with those
PC's. The Novell client for Windows allows me to sync the PC with the
server, but not DOS.

Does anyone have any good ideas?

Thanks very much.

Ted Stout

Nov 4, 2003, 2:39:53 PM11/4/03
That only sets the workstation time on login, it does not keep it
synchronized. By default, DOS clients do the same thing, unless someone
has disabled that feature using SET STATION TIME = OFF or SET_TIME=off.
See this TID for the exact syntax.

Peter van der Woude

Nov 4, 2003, 2:48:48 PM11/4/03
You need a 3party tool for this.
Maybe one of links on this page still works..


"Ted Stout" <> wrote in message

Dave Lunn

Nov 4, 2003, 3:42:37 PM11/4/03

If you're using the .vlm client, the command you want in the Autoexec.bat
after the login is SYSTIME. That will capture the time from the server. If
you need to do this periodically throughout the day, you either need to
manually do it, or have a TSR utility do it for you.

The best would be for the DOS app to make the SYSTIME call when it is ready
to do something time critical.
Dave Lunn

Steve Lenaghan

Nov 5, 2003, 2:12:16 AM11/5/03
check 'novsync' at

We use servsync to update the server from a W98 workstation that gets time
corrections off the internet and the rest use novsysc to update from the

What it does

NovSync is a small device driver (500 bytes) that keeps the workstation
clock synchronized with the Netware server clock. Every 2 minutes the
workstation reads the server time and sets the workstation time if it
doesn't match. If your application is reading the dos clock, NovSync updates
the time every 10 seconds. NovSync can also be used to prevent applications
and users from changing the time by intercepting any attempt by any program
to mess with the clock. It also has a reboot
function to reboot dos workstations that become disconnected from the

Polling server time is staggered so that all the workstations don't poll the
server at once. The network traffic is insignificant and will not slow
anything down.

When you log into a file server, the workstation is synchronised with the
server clock. But after that, the workstation's time may drift. NovSync
prevents this drift. NovSync also fixes problems with workstation that don't
roll over to the next day at midnight.

When you change the time on the file server, the workstations time will
change to match. It also keeps users from tampering with the date.

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Barry St.John

Nov 6, 2003, 10:31:12 AM11/6/03
Geoff is correct: Either SET_TIME ON (no equal sign) in the login
script or SET STATION TIME=ON in the NetWare DOS Requester section of
the login script (but not both).

This will only sync time at login. It will not keep the workstation
time synchronized with the server after that. For that, you do need
one of the third-party utils mentioned by Peter or Steve.


-Barry. [Novell Support Forum SysOp]

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