Treepad Export (.hjt) [Feature Request]

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Apr 26, 2023, 4:05:22 PM4/26/23
to Notecase Pro
Hi Miro,

Hope you are well. Latest Windows gtk working well, but mainly using Linux distros these days, so NCP mainly there too.

Can we have an .hjt export feature please? Brcause:

* It is most used for import of outliner trees still
* Only OPML used more but there are many OPML formats & most fail with no inline data or inline data in header or blank etc. So basically OPML is very flakey for import export. If only everyone used your OPML version.

So .hjt is still most used, then a third is keynote, specially for Mac people.
If you have time please give us Treepad export.
Your keynote export code can be used & changed, with clues from your .hjt import code?

Many apps and types (notes etc) and platforms apart from Windows also use it for outliner import. I could use it on a few apps on Android then export from them for spreadsheets, mindmaps & other app types to import into. 

Because of OPML varities (versions beyond 1.0 + multi implementations) it is not universal, even if the committee formed last year trying to implement a unified format, it will take years and many apps never will hear of it. And as .hjt developer passed away & it is not changing, more apps types are adapting it for import export. 

So I think it is a necessity for export. Will save me converting keynote to hjt + most who do not know anyway. I can convert dozens of types to others, via various apps, but i think for NCP, treepad export will be a key need anyway.

Hope everything going well and thanks again.

May 10, 2023, 11:12:40 AM5/10/23
to Notecase Pro
+1  This would be really useful to me also.

Miroslav Rajcic

May 10, 2023, 2:47:19 PM5/10/23
to Notecase Pro
Sorry, don't remember if I answered this already.

The problem with many complex format is that it is usually much easier to implement import from them into NCP then to support the export from NCP to that format.
The reason is simple, NCP does not need to know or use all the fields that Treepad (for example) provides, it can only implement importing the subset of the fields that it knows how to support.
Supporting things in other direction (export) usually required full external file format support, which is:
  • huge amount of work
  • must overcome some things that are not supported by GTK library used by NCP (like custom embedded image file formats)
  • external formats are moving targets, they evolve, thus more work is needed to track all this
That's why I prefer to only support major formats for export, saving me precious free time in the process.

It is usually possible to convert these major export formats supported by NCP (like HTML, RTF, Markdown) to other formats using some external helper tools. For example, I seem to remember Paul was fan of pandoc ( which supports quite a lot of targets.


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May 10, 2023, 8:03:01 PM5/10/23
to Notecase Pro
Thanks for explaining all that Miro,  I had no idea about how time consuming and difficult things that that are.

May 12, 2023, 11:34:22 AM5/12/23
to Notecase Pro
Thanks for the replies, as I'd given up.
As I said many Windows & Android & Linux users don't even know keynote format & as I said numerous opml formats means they are mostly useless.
That leaves only treepad which has become defacto standard for outline formats as I use dozens of tree based apps on all platforms & see updates & feedbacks.

As for difficulties mentioned: treepad format won't change because as I said the developer is dead, according to his sister & 
only text exports (no image etc exports from ncp !) Will be enough for almost everyone, just like treepad import already implemented in ncp.

I can ALMOST (not everything) convert anything tree (outliner) based to anything (even most markdowns though it's not really tree based) so no problem for me but for ncp as outliner app & it's users, having text exports to the most used tree based format nowadays would be a necessity in future as things have changed.

Thanks again for all your replies, have a good weekend & Good bye.
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