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Welcome to Northwest Balkan Events!

This is a group that posts messages about Balkan music, dance and cultural events throughout the Pacific Northwest.

  • EMAIL: Join the announcement-only email listserv by emailing dinatrageser (at) You will always receive messages from Kathy Fors or Dina Trageser. The list is designed to be low-traffic and formatted so that you can quickly determine which messages are of interest to you. You can change your group settings to summary/digest mode if you feel that you are receiving too many emails. 
  • WEBSITE: All messages posted to this list are also visible here.
  • CALENDARCheck out our events calendar online or subscribe to it on your own computer. (Please note that start time are generally accurate, but ending times are often a guess, depending on the information available.)
  • ANNOUNCE YOUR EVENT: We rely on community members to let us know about local events! Please send all announcements and calendar listings to dinatrageser (at) or katherinefors (at) for posting.
See you soon at one of these events!

Dina & Kathy